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A powerful compilation of Spiritual Writings!
(305 pages) Paperback:  $10.63 Download:  FREE

  Is Your Soul In Here? - A Poet's Struggle With God

“…well written and I hope widely read and appreciated.” “…especially inspired and insightful.” "Excellent job.
Softcover Edition
Download: $0.00  Printed: $5.77
(62 pages) Paperback:  Download:  FREE

  Is Your Soul In Here? - A Poet's Struggle With God

Hardcover Edition
 Download: $0.00
Printed: $16.24
(62 pages) Download:  FREE Hardcover:  $16.24

  Astrological Repair Manual

Predict Your Own Future! ~~~ This book was written after 36 years of study, counseling, and teaching. Its main purpose is to reveal wrong assumptions about astrology and give you the correct perceptions for safe and sane use of this ancient art. Included is a simple system that helps you interpret your own chart! Also, directions are given to an online Forum that supports the book and helps you deepen and customize what you learn.~~~ Suitable for beginning and advanced students ~~~ Download $0.00 ~or~ Printed $6.33 ~
(90 pages) Paperback:  $6.33 Download:  FREE

  PlanIt - The Future Fable of An Action Designer

~~~ Free Download ! ~~~ This is a short story about creative thinking. Its 64 sections are based on an ancient holy book called the I Ching. Its style is modern but its message is timeless . . .
(32 pages) Download:  FREE