KTC Initiative

The Kindergarten to College (KTC) Initiative encourages students to pursue a college degree by getting them on college campuses and giving them "college experiences."  For my workshop, I've taught 5th-grade students how to create 3D models that can be used for Additive Manufacturing. To the right is a student's 3D model (upper image) and the 3D print (lower image).  Overall, the students seem really excited about the workshop and are doing a pretty good job learning to 3D model.

Importance of Work
KTC is focused on bring students to college campuses from K-12 school that traditionally don't have a high college attendance rate. Teaching  these 5th graders about computer-aided 3D modeling will hopefully inspire them to pursue a college education or at least a technical degree by showing them how fun it is! 

Tasks Completed
For this workshop (4 total) I completed the following tasks:
- Identified important tasks to complete
- Identify and convey meaningful examples of why 3D modeling is useful
- Designed lesson plan for teaching 3D modeling
- Lead 4 workshops

Skills Gained
From this workshop I gained the following skills:
- Designing a lesson plan
- Learned to communicate simply and clearly
- Learned to manage a class of 10-17 students

Lessons Learned
One thing I have learned from doing this workshop is be methodical in my explanations.  For my first workshop, I wasn't aware of all the "hangups" the students would see, but afterward I was able to structure my lecture to better suite their needs. For instance, instead of showing the students all the features of the software, I learned to focus on one aspect of the software, let the student practice, and then move on to the remaining features of the software. Overall, I've learned to simplify class objectives and focus on the few, critical aspects of a topic.

Impact of Work
By being on a college campus and getting to do college-like work, these students should be inspired to continue their education beyond K-12. Also, since the software taught during the workshop is free and web-based, they have they opportunity to develop their 3D modelling skills on their own. Ultimately, this could help lead them to a career in design such as architecture or engineering.