Kids Tech University

"Kid's Tech University is a program at Virginia TEch with one primary goal: creating the future workforce in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) by sparking kid's interest in these fields... KTU's curriculum features three parts: Interactive Session, Hands-on Activity, and Virtual Lab."
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Importance of Work
KTU provides youth with real experiences in STEM areas with the hope of inspiring them to pursue careers in these areas.

Tasks Completed
For the 4-5 KTU's that I've participated in, I've helped set up my lab's booth and spend several hours talking to kid's about 3D printing as they pass by our booth.

Skills Gained
From this event I learned to talk about technical concepts to a non-technical audience and identify relevant issue to that audience

Lessons Learned
I learned that, even though I'm "stuck" in a lab everyday, my work is cool and inspiring to kids.

Impact of Work
Teaching youth about science and technology will hopefully inspire them to pursue careers in those areas.