Engineering A Future

During my undergraduate studies at Tennessee Tech University (TTU), I attended the Society of Women Engineers’ annual “Engineering A Future” event, where I was able to spend an entire day getting to know a group of girls and sharing with them my engineering experiences. To the right is a picture of me and one of ‘my’ girls; we ended up being pen-pals, and being a role-model for her has been a great experience. 

Importance of Work
As a mentor (or if I become a professor), I hope I can continue being a role-model to students by sharing my experiences and showing them how many wonderful opportunities await them in engineering. 

Tasks Completed
For this event I completed the following tasks:
- Guided youth groups through campus tours
- Spoke to youth about opportunities in engineering
- Assisted with youth activities

Skills Gained
Speaking with youth about technical concepts in engineering helped me relate my work with those who are unfamiliar with technology. 

Lessons Learned
Teaching rising engineers about math and science always makes me think of myself and what it took to place my on the path I'm on today. If nothing else, I learn from youth outreach how fortunate I was to have so many mentors to guide me and how important it is to give back to the community in the form of mentorship.

Impact of Work
I hope that this workshop encouraged the youth to consider careers in math and science, which will ultimately add to the diversity of the engineering profession.