Go Green School of the Week: 

Kingwood Park High School

April 6 - 12, 2008


Great green happenings in Kingwood, Texas. The students and staff of Kingwood Park High School are        working on many projects that benefit the school and the community while they learn about conserving energy

and helping the environment.  


  • Adopt a Green Space Program: Classes, team advisories, and clubs adopt a space on campus to keep clean beautiful.  Construction Systems classes made signs from wood scraps. Over 600 students will be involved.

  •  Kingwood Kleenwood Day: Over 70 students from different clubs, organizations, and sports teams participated in cleaning up the trails and roadways in the Kingwood community.  
  • The Recycling Club gathers all paper from the classroom recycling boxes and teachers’ workrooms each week and takes it out to the paper recycling bins.  
  • Special Needs students pick up cans and bottles during lunch to recycle, and the Student Council initiated a battery recycling effort. They have also hung signs on all the light switches in the school saying, “Conserve Energy! Turn off the lights.”
  •  Math classes have learned to calculate profits from recycled aluminum and also to find the volume of          paper used at the school.  Spanish classes are making posters about going green using the verbs for        “reduce, reuse, and recycle” in Spanish. 

  •  Art students created the slogan, “Don’t pass it up; pick it up,” and have made posters and banners encouraging recycling.  Geography classes are delving    into a “Face the Future” project, studying ecology and making posters, while History classes are teaching the impact of depletion of  natural resources. 
  •  English classes have service Learning research projects this year which are geared toward environmental  topics. Science students are discussing ways to conserve energy, along with more efficient ways to use various sources of     energy.
  •  Speech classes selected topics about “Green” concerns for demonstrations  and persuasive topics, and Debate students will be researching, writing cases, and debating   on the 2008-2009 topic of alternative energy.
  •   IPC classes have a very exciting project this year.  They are designing green houses which will feature     their dream houses.  Each student will incorporate 20 green ideas into their house, and build a model of the        house out of recyclables.
  • Even the library is participating in energy saving by ordering e-books when possible and shutting down computers at the end of each day.  A popular place in the library is the large bulletin board on which        students and staff post “green” ideas and articles.