How to Make a Money Origami Rose

These instructions produce a small rose with a single leaf from one

dollar bill, but it should work with other rectangular currency. Because there

is a crumpling, twisting step, some purists might say this isn't technically

origami, but it does produce an interesting result. I adapted it from a paper

napkin rose technique. These could be useful for tips, or wedding and

graduation presents.

things you'll need:

One piece of rectangular money.


1. Fold the dollar bill in half and crease. Then unfold.

2. Fold half the bill in rough thirds using the first crease as a guide. You

want the top third shorter than the other two to stagger the rose petals. The

measurement doesn't have to be exact.
3. Fold under the corners on the short section. This makes the money origami

rose petals curved, not square.

4. Fold over the corners on the longer section like this. You want all the

money rose petals curved.

5. Fold the corners you just folded inside like this.

6. Turn the whole dollar or piece of paper money over and turn up the corner

like this.

7. Roll the whole money origami rose like this. You should keep it about loose

enough to wrap around a pencil.

8. Pull out the corner you turned up in step 6 to form a leaf. Then start

carefully twisting between the rose head on the right and the leaf on the left

to form a stem.

9. Continue twisting to form the rest of the stem.

10. Do a little arranging to the petals and the leaf, and you're done.


It may take a couple test runs before you're happy with the results. The

twisting step can be a little messy.