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Hey guys!
tonight I am using my new PTU Puss.
You can get the kit at any of my stores on my blog here.
Inspired by the awesome tube Puss by Zlata and you can get it at SATC here.
Very easy tut.
Pics two colors from the frames used.
gradient-angle at 43-floodfill.use mask of choice.
Take the two frames of your choice.angle them by rotating them a wee bit.
add ds to each frame.click inside of one frame.
selections-expand by 5-invert-add in pp of choice-
repeat steps for next frame.
standing on pp=selections-float-defloat-invert-add in close up of tube-
delete key-blend mode-luminance -repeat these steps for next close up in next frame.
add in your grass elements and fence and kittys.
Put your name and proper credits.