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FTU-Seasons Color

Hey guys!
Don't fall over from shock. Yes, it says FTU.heh!
FTU kit used was The Seasons Colors by HorsePlay's Pastures here.
An older CDO tube by Renee here.
Template 41 by Beckys Creations here.

PP -paper
(I drag my things into my canvas)

Ok open template.
It is to small so size it up to 600x
Then crop it- so you can have the template in the middle 
now we are going to image-canvas size-600x600=center
now your template should be bigger and more in the middle
and have room enough for your tube.

delete credits.

when working with a template I always write the tut working from bottom up.
So on last layer-selections-select all-float-defloat-add new layer-open pp 5
materials-pattern-find pp 5-100% -flood fill new layer.
delete template layer.
add a light ds.

next layer-change color to #710300
add noise
add ds

next layer-add in pp 6.

next layer -same as above and use same color .
add noise

next layer-add in pp 5

open tube-erase the bottom half.
I used the half tube.
add ds

add in your butterfly elements. Both.
add a ds to elements and tube.
add your name and proper credits.