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hey guys

Today I am using a PTU kit called "exclusive_teal"
and you can get it at
Tube by Verymany at PFD.

Everything you need is in tube.
I made a template for this kit and it will be in there.
You will only be able to get it in the kit.

(I dont use cp, I drag my things into the canvas)

Open template-pp 19&16

When I work with templates, I work from the bottom up.
so go to the bottom layers and lets get started.

delete credits
merge layers 1&2 
selections-select all-modify -expand by 4-invert add in pp 19-delete key
modify-add another layer-move below pp19 layer
flood fill with the the teal color
select none-add noise 70%
add ds to layer

standing on layer 3 do the same above to add pp 16
add ds to layer

layer 4-
magic wand click the inner circle -modify-expand by 5-invert-add pp 19
layer 4 -add noise -70%
add ds

delete layers 5-6-7-& 8

open your tube
add ds
put her where you want her
then take your text and move them to fit her
merge text together-add noise-70%
add a dark ds-another layer-move it to look similar to mine
merge text and ds together.

now open your elements you want and add them in.

Put your name and proper credits