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Hey guys!
Today I am using PTU kit called SweetSkulls by me.
You can get it at any of my stores.
Tube by Max-13-Tulmes at PFD.
Template by Sue at CreativeMisfits.(SUNDAY, APRIL 8, 2012)

A few things to remember doing my tuts.    
These are my own ideas AND MY OWN WAY OF DOING TUTS
copy&paste-add(i dont use cp, i drag my things into canvas)
when i work with templates i always always work from the bottom up.
i use pspx3,any version will do.
and this is written for a working knowledge of psp.

(meaning i assume you know how to get to blur or noise
without me giving you step by step how to get there.)

Filter used was Xero-Radiance free online
default settings.

Ok lets get started.

open template ,delete credits
on your layers go to the bottom of the template and lets get busy.
add in el wire-duplicate-merge add ds.
Outline layer-selections-select all-float-defloat-add new layer-add in pp 23-invert-delete key
next layer do the same steps above-but add in pp 18
next layer same thing-add in pp 24
while selections is still on-add in close up of tube-duplicate-close of copy-double click tube layer
blend box opens-screen
open close tube-drop opacity down to 70%-effects-plugin-xero-radiance.
leave texture layer alone.
open sparkles1-duplicate-one on top,one on bottom-merge together
frame w layer-add ds
skip frame layer
layers right w & left w -add ds
layers left and right-change colors to two different purples in the tube.
add in el bottlecapchain
under the right white circle.
add ds
the top and bottom circle layers -delete
the right and left circle layers WHITE-add ds
merge them
one black one white circle layers-change the colors

open and add your skulldoddles into the right and left circles
add ds
add in ribbon3-ad ds
now open el-flame1 (rotate 20%)
candy 1 & 2
and sad teddy.
arrange them similar to mine.
close sad teddy off and
merge the others together-copy-mirror -add ds
open wordart
duplicate it
one in front of your tube one behind your tube.
erase the letters over her leg on top word art layer (see mine)
add ds to bottom word art.
add in el b3
add your name and proper credits.