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PTU-Summer Love

Howdy guys!
today I am using a awesome kit called
"Sunset dreams" by Baby Cakes Scraps
and you can pick this kit up at Heartbeatz Creationz
Tube by the Godfather himself in PSP tubes
Keith Garvey and you can get this at PTE.
Mask 20 by Horse Play Pastures here.

Lets gets started.
(I dont use c&p, I just drag my things into the canvas)

Filter used was AlienSkin Xenofex2 constellation
settings were-
If you dont have this filter you can add a sparkle tube or
pick up Xero freeware. It has a sparkle filter in it.

this is a simple tut....

open pp 9 and add mask
duplicate it
one side up to the top left
one down to bottom right
(see mine)

open pp6 and single frame
size frame down to 500
click inside of frame with magic wand-selections-modify-expand by 5-invert
add in pp6-
add in close up tube
and in tube
select none

on close up tube
double click to open blend mode box
soft light duplicate
add sparkles(filter)

add puddle ribbion3
add in puddle ribbion-size down 80%
merge two together
add in blossom

add your ds to the elements&frame
add a good deep one to the main tube

close off mask

merge all together

duplicate-mirror-move similar to mine

add your tag

thats it.
add your name and proper credits!