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Hey guys!!

Today I am using kit Shabby Lane , it is a collab you can get it
Heartbeatz Creationz here.
This part of the collab is by Lysira's Graphic World.
The tube is by Tony Tazanoukakis and you can find him at his store here.
Filter used was AlienSkin Xenofex 2-constellation HERE.
You dont have to have to the filter. Any sparkles will do.
Xero has sparkles and it is free.

Ok guys, lets gets started.
(I dont use copy and paste. I drag mine in and will say "add")

open a blank canvas of 600x600
add in frame 03
move up to the top of canvas a little bit.
click inside of frame with magic wand-selections-modify-expand by 5-invert-add in pp 5
-add in tube-mirror-select none
standing on tube layer-double click to get blend mode box
luminance legacy

go to effects-plugins-alien skin xenofex 2-constellation
settings used were
3.00-64-2-100-100- 45- 6775
If you dont have filter and dont want to use/download xero
you dont have to have the sparkles.

open el 01&04
place them behind frame
merge together
add ds

el butterfly 01
flower 01
mushroom 01 & 02

add tube
add butterfly01

add ds to your elements.
add your name and proper credits!