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Howdy guys!
Today I am using my new PTU kit called PunkRocker.
This is the 2nd tut I have done from it.
You can get it at any of my stores listed on my blog HERE.
Tube used was by the very awesome AurthurCrowe here.
Template 2 by Lexi Creationz here.

This tut is written assuming you have a working knowledge of PSP.
PSPX3 used, any version will do.
Plugins used were Xero-Raidance (freeware)

A few notes to remember when working one of my tuts.
copy&paste- add
( I drag my things into my canvas)
When working with a template , I always work from the bottom up when 
writing tuts.
You may find it easier to fill in your template then put in your elements.

Ok Lets get started.
Open your template and lets start at the bottom.
Mask texture 2
no dropshadow needed here.
keys -see mine.-add ds
standing on circle layer-selections-select all -float-defloat-invert-add in pp 11-delete key
while it is still floating-add in close up tube-size down if needed-
select none
still standing on circle layer -now pp 11
selections-select all-modify-expand by 7-add in pp 4-invert-delete key-add ds.

standing on rectangle layer
slections-select all-float-defloat-add in pp 12-delete key
select none-selections-select all- add new layer-drag under pp 12 layer-flood fill new layer with
a gradient.
One I used was the pink from top of stockings. Green from hair.
Graident box-angle 32 repeats 2
now flood that new layer.
add ds.

The dots layer.
Using the same green & pink..color the top one and the bottom one.

Standing on top square
(If you need a reminder to add paper or flood fill
please read the above steps.)
add in pp 10
Add in a close up shot of your tube.
effects-plugins-penta -jeans
add new layer-flood fill with a yellowish from hair-add noise-add ds
drag this layer below your pp 10 layer.

now for the bottom square.
add in pp 9
close up shot of tube-
opacity 65%
black black

now add new layer-drag under the pp 9 layer
floodfill with the pink color.add noise-add ds.

Elements used were
splat 1-2-3 (size each one diff sizes)
To add the lights.
stand on rectangle-selections-float-defloat-invert-add in sized down lights.
copy-mirror-flip add in the other corner
add ds.
select none.

ribbon 28
music chest
guitar 3
add your ds to elements
add your name and proper credits.