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Hey guys!
Today I am using a PTU kit called Punk Rocker.
You can pick this kit up at any of my stores.
Awesome tube by Arthur Crowe here.

This is written assuming you have a working knowledge of PSP.
PSPX3 used.Any version should work.
Great beginner tut.
a few things to remember when working one of my tuts.
(I dont use c&p, I drag my things into the canvas)
600x600 blank canvas.crop when finished with tag.

Lets get started.
Open frame 1 and pp 1.
Take your selection tool -point to point-draw around the frame opening.
Invert-add in pp 1-delete key-add in close up tube-delete key.
Standing on tube layer-double click-blend box opens-screen -select none.
now we just add in the elements.
Dont forget to add in ds of to the frame.

Open and add in sparkles1002-drop opacity down to 70%.
next the musicbar
add ds
drums-add ds
speakers 2-add ds-duplicate-mirror
you may need to move it around now.
guitar 3-add ds
and now the mircophone.
Once you have it rotated to where you need it.
erase the cord you can see.
add ds.

and that is it.
Add your name and proper credits.