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PTU-Exclusive (LadyMishka)

Hey guys!

Today I am using a PTU kit called 
"Exclusive" by me , AmyMarie
and you can get it at 


Tube used was by Lady Mishka at PFD here.

A few things before we get started.
copy&paste is add
( I dont use cp, I drag my things into my canvas)

Filter used was glow.
But if you dont have this filter you can do it with blur.
it is on name only.

Lets get started by opening a 600x600 blank canvas.
open frame 3 and pp 10 and open your tube.

Go to your shape tool , and draw out a rectangle inside of your frame.
See mine.
convert to raster.
selections-select all-float-defloat-invert-add your pp -delete key
double click on paper layer -blend mode-lighten
go back up to paper layer
selection should still be going-
go to modfiy-feather 2-hit delete key on paper layer!

select none
open sparkles 2 and add into canvas on tube layer

So now it should be your frame back
frame on top

add ds to frame

you can enhance your sparkles by going to effects-edge effects-enhance

open your tube,size down add ds
now you can place elements in that you want.
You can use the ones I used or pick your own.

On my name I used a glow.
If you dont have this filter you can always use blur
 to do this you may have to play around , BUT it CAN BE DONE.
I use to do it all the time and no one could ever tell.

Put your name on tag 
and make sure you use proper credits.
I used  a PFD exclusive tube so make sure you use their proper credits for their exclusive tubes!!