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Hey guys!!

Today I am using a ptu kit called "Delivish" by Niqui's Designs
and you can pick up the awesome kit at 
And the tube by LadyMishka , I got from SATC but she no longer is there.
Devilish Template
I went and re-made part of the template I used!!
You can get it HERE .
Hate when that happens. lol

Ok well lets get started.

Open the template
I always work from bottom up when adding papers to templates.
Paper- pp
copy&paste-cp aka add
(I dont cp , I drag mine into canvas)
drop shadow- dp

add el 45 bottom layer
take your magic wand and click inside of frame-selection-modify-expand by 5-invert-add in pp1-delete key
select none.
layers 1&2 merge together
selections-select all-float-defloat-invert-add pp 40

layer 3
same as above- pp 3
 rasters 4&5
standing on ONE at a time
selections select all float defloat invert -add in pp 2
repeat for next side.
now merge them together
standing on that layer -selections-select all-float-defloat-modify -contract by 15- delete key
add new layer -add paper 4-invert-delete key.
go back to layer of pp2
delete key
You should now have two frames.
drag that layer above the pp 2 layer
select none.

Going back to green paper layer(back of frame)
stand on that layer
selections-float-defloat- add in close up of tube
(see mine)
invert- delete key
now add another version of the close up tube to other side of the frame
same as above.

select none

go to the layer of the frames
effects-3d effects- inner b
10-25-7-  -20 - 35- 315-35-60

left hand side of close up tube
double click on that layer
blend mode box opens
opacity down to 70%
use filter penta-VTR2 default settings

right hand side
blend box-luminance legacy
filter penta-jeans
whatever settings you already have it on is fine

now add your tube in the middle.
make sure you have DS on each layer other then the close up tubes.

now lets start adding the elements
from bottom up

pp 11 add to mask of choice
open element 35
add noise
selections-select all-modify-expand by 1
pick a color from tag so far
add new layer behind the el 35
flood fill the color
or add another pp if you wish
select none.
merge together

add it to your canvas
duplicate it
size down 60%
rotate it 90 degrees
duplicate it
flip down

open el 52
size down
duplicate it
place one at the top and one at the bottom

go up to your close up tube layers
merge the two together
open el 31 duplicate it
see mine
merge them together

now open el 8,17,18 
el 2 ,duplicate it

el 21
el 57 on top of it

add drop shadow to each ele
add your name and proper credits
Happy Psp_inG!