Learn to Crochet by Amy Denham

      Production Plan

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The techniques involved in crocheting can be difficult for the beginner to master, especially when they are trying to learn alone from a book. I've taught a few people how to crochet and all of them have told me they need to see the stitch and hear someone explain it in order to really 'get' how it's done. Although some people know a crocheter who is willing to sit down with them and show them the stitches, many do not. I hope this video series is beneficial to those who need more personal guidance than can be found in books.


Although there are some videos that cover crocheting stitches on the web, I haven't come across any that explain in simple terms exactly what to do with the yarn and hook while the stitch is being made. That is what I hope my videos accomplish - provide both audio and video teaching methods to clarify exactly how to do the stitches. In addition, I hope that by explaining it in as simple manner as possible, I will be able to share with beginning crocheters some of the tips and tricks I have learned over the years.


This video production could be used in a classroom setting, such as a home economics class, or it could be used in an adult learning class for crafts. It is also beneficial for those who like to do lifetime learning on their own in their homes. It could be helpful to charity groups as well, such as my mom's prayer shawl group, which tries to get new members who have no experience with crocheting involved in the ministry.


The audience is anyone of any age who would like to learn how to do basic crochet stitches. A broadband connection is probably a necessity for the audience. I hope that by providing audio and video, those with hearing and/or vision difficulties will also be able to benefit from the lessons. Believe it or not, crocheting is an art that many people with little to no vision have been able to master. 


The video project will consist of an introductory/promotional video and several 'lesson' videos, each of which focuses on a basic crochet stitch. The promotional video will consist of ideas and pictures of the type of work one can do with crocheting. The instructional lessons will simply be video of me showing and explaining the techniques involved.