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Latest Work

Note: A red dot indicates sold


Diner Phone 2 18x24
Swirl 48x30
Tossed Aside 48x36
Princess 24x36
An Apple A Day 30x40

Luden's 30x40

 Sergeant Oto 36x36

Fancy Shoes 30x40

 Stepping Out 12x20

Coming To America 24x36


Converse 20x16 .

Circa '72 30x24

Extra Sprinkles 20x20 .

Chocolate With Sprinkles 20x20 .

Hold On 48x48 

 313 60x48
Relentless 60x48 .

Should I? 20x16 .

Bowl Overflowing With Color 24x36 

Gumballs in Bronze 36x24 .
Gumballs 30x40 

Gumballs in Gold #2 40x30 .

 Gumballs in Gold 60x36 . 
Losing It #2 40x30 .

In Or Out? 40x30.
Losing It 36x24

 Ray Man 24x36 .

Ray Gun 24x36 .

Tootsie 36x15 .

Tootsie UnWrapped 36x15 .

Ball Jar, Balls and Marbles 24x36 .

Ball Jars 30x40 .

Sweet Jars 24x36 .

Green Squirt 24x24.

Pink Squirt 24x24.
Animal Crackers 30x24.

Lone Pin 36x24 .

New York New York 20x20.