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Artist Statement


The painting process is a mystery that never fails to inspire and challenge me. I choose the subjects I do to connect with people. I want a reaction, and I hope my paintings lead the viewer to see the object in an entirely different way.  Broken color, chiaroscuro, temperature shifts, intense color, and dramatic sizing are some of the methods I employ to draw my audience in. I am particularly drawn to iconic imagery from American Life. I find everyday objects we take for granted to be rich in character, history and beauty if we just take the time to look at them.

 These images may be of a lone object: a rotary telephone, a gum ball machine, 

a car or a beat up baseball. I want to captivate the viewer through the outer shell of technique. Once I get the viewer’s attention, I want to activate thought and discussion about my subject, the cultural relevance to be recognized, and the feeling emulated to be contagious.