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Private classes and events are held at Prairie Lodge for home owners in the Del Webb Pioneer Ridge community only.

Line Dancing Class
6:30pm - 7:15pm includes NEW beginner dancers
7:15pm - 8:15 for advancing beginner dancers

Warm Up Dances 
& Class Favorites

Alley Cat

Cowboy Cha Cha

Current Beginner Lessons
September 2013 - present

Special Event:  7-9-2015:   Hot Dam (Amy Christian) ~ Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars 

6-22-2015:   Come Dance With Me (Jo Thompson) ~ Come Dance with Me by Nancy Hayes

6-15-2015:   Shut Up & Dance EZ (Lynn Card) ~ Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon
5-4-2015:     Long Stretch of Love (Amy Auger & Dee Blansett) ~ Long Stretch of Love by Lady Antebellum 

3-30-2015:   Seduced (Ira Weisburd) ~ I Want to Be Seduced by Rob Rio  

3-18-2015:   Uptown Funky (Jill Weiss) ~ Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars   Teach video

2-9-2015:   The Boy I Love (Gloria Stone) ~ He's Sure the Boy I Love by Darlene Love  

1-11-2015:   All About That Bass (Gail Dawson) ~ All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor 
(videos of the dance have been blocked due to music copyright) 

Take These Chains (11/10/14)

Love Never Felt So Good (  )

My Guy (  )

Gin & Tonic (  )

Can You Do This? (2/xx/14)
A Little Love Worth Waiting For (12/30/13)

I Want Crazy (11/18/13)
For no turns, the dance done as basic as possible, watch the lady on the far side of the video, and sometimes the lady on the close side with the vertical stripes!

Two Step (9/30/13)

Current Advancing Beginner Lessons
(in addition to reviewing teaches from last session)
September 2013 - present

3-23-2015:   One (Amy Brockmann & Junior Willis) ~ One by The Bee Gees 

3-9-2015:     Motor Boatin' (Teach adapted from YouTube video) ~ Pontoon by Little Big Town  

1-23-2015:   Swamp Thang (Max Perry) ~ Swamp Thing by The Grid
(Sorry, no music in video, but best video I could fine with the correct dance steps!)

Hideaway Cha (6/9/14)

Big Bang Boogie (2/xx/14)
Saturday night at the Avon Senior Center
Michelle Burton teach & demo

Imelda's Way (12/30/13)

Unmistakable (9/30/13)

A Little Love Worth Waiting For (9/9/13)
Beginner Lessons
July 2012 - August 2013

Fun In the Sun (7/29/13)

Rockin' the Wagon Wheel (6/31/13)

Shattered Dreams (6/10/13)

Swing Baby Swing (4/22/13)
6 8 12 (4/8/13)
Call Me Baby (3/18/13)
Charleston Swing (3/11/13)
Kind of Crazy (1/7/13)
Buzz Me
EZ Body Rock

Stroll Along Cha Cha
Rita's Waltz
Demo and walk through by the choreographer

Love Repeats

Eeezee Boogie

Last Night's Dance

Alley Cat
First Pioneer Ridge line dance class showing Alley Cat!

Ms. Jody's Thang


August 2011 - June 2012 
Love Repeats
Charleston Swing
Demo and walk through by the choreographer
Love's Gonna Make It
This & That
Rita's Waltz
Demo and walk through by the choreographer
Big Bang Boogie
Saturday night at the Avon Senior Center
Michelle Burton teach & demo
The Electric Slide
Last Night's Dance
Here For A Good Time
Skinny Genes
Eeezee Boogie
Ah Si
Canadian Stroll