On the 12 June 2016, Claudine Bloom and Andy Twort are setting off in Amy Amazon from Beijing to compete in the Peking to Paris Rally. They will arrive in Paris 36 days later. RALLY INFORMATION

There will be UPDATES HERE before, during and after the event. LATEST UPDATE 15TH June 2016

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These are pages with lots of photos (and a few words) showing various aspects of the car preparation.

WELDING - Repairs to the shell and stiffening the chassis. 
REAR AXLE - Small modifications and a crack.
REAR BRAKES  - Overhaul.
FRONT BRAKES - Boy, did these need overhauling!
INTERIOR PT 1 - Seats.
INTERIOR PT 2 - Luggage boxes.
FUEL SYSTEM - Large capacity tank and pipework.
SUMP GUARD - More fabrication.
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