"Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something."  || Author Unknown

As scientists, it is often important that our research impacts the greater scientific community, if not simply by furthering our current knowledge. We do a decent job of this through our publications and posters, our talks and our seminars. However, science is somewhat of an intimate, members-only club, to which the public is generally excluded. Even when the information is available to the masses, it is often filled with jargon and data not easily interpreted. Therefore, one of the main goals of my career is to help in bridging the gap between science and everyone else. Utilizing the many outlets of social media now available at the click of a mouse, I enjoy making science and it's concepts more accessible to a wider audience through unique and novel avenues. 

Here are some examples of my work:

DJ's Locker || www.djslocker.org
Founder and Editor
A scientific blog that blends pop-culture and science to create
an entertaining and informative atmosphere to break down the 
current barriers in science communication

Deep Sea News || www.deepseanews.org
"Demystifying and humanizing science in and open conversation
that instills passion, awe, and responsibility for the oceans."

Under the Boat

Under the Boat || Scientific MTV
Music video class project explaining the science behind
chemical defenses in the sea.
Received "Best Student Film" at the
2nd annual Beneath the Waves Film Festival

Tales from the Tikina

Tales from the Tikina || Mini-documentary
A brief glimpse into the Locally-Managed Marine 
System custom to many villages in the Fijian Islands.

2011 SDSU Student Research Symposium

SDSU Student Research Symposium
In an attempt to switch up the norm, my fellow researcher,
Stacy Virtue and I, presented our research in a slightly different 
presentation style. 

#SciFund REMIX

#SciFund REMIX || Scientific MTV
Music video explaining my Master's research 
for the #SciFund Challenge

The Coastal and Marine Institute Laboratory

Coastal and Marine Institute Laboratory Introduction
In collaboration with students from the SDSU
School of Film, my colleagues and I created this film
to showcase our marine lab and our research to the public. 
Marine Ecology and Biology Student Association (MEBSA)
Outreach and Education Coordinator (2012-2013)
Undergraduate Representative (2011-2012)
I seek to broaden the organization's impact to 
the local community by organizing outreach and 
community development events.

Coastal and Marine Institute Laboratory Open House
Educational Co-Coordinator

Marine Protected Area Infographic
I created this infographic to be utilized in educating the
public on the importance and benefits of MPA's along 
the California coast.

"So You Think You Can Be A Marine Biologist?"
Seminar Coordinator

Beneath the Waves Film Festival
Student Committee-West Coast Representative 
In conjunction with the annual Benthic Ecology Conference, 
the BTW Film Festival seeks to engage conservationists, 
researchers, and students alike in using film as a medium for 
broader scientific communication. 

If you have any questions about the work I have done, am currently doing, 
or would like to collaborate on a future project, 
please do not hesitate to contact me.