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Neon works by Meryl Pataky

- Opening Reception: November 11, 2010 from 6pm - 9pm -

On Exhibit: November 11, 2010 through January 2011 

Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that discusses the first principles of things, including concepts such as being, knowing, substance, identity, time and space. Inspired by this thought, Meryl Pataky seeks truth as she shows the elemental qualities and process of the medium – neon. a.Muse Gallery is proud to present Metaphysics, a solo exhibition of new works by Meryl Pataky. There will be a public reception for the artist November 11, 2010 from 6pm - 9pm. 

Pataky’s work, entirely in neon, is based on Plato’s writings on “the first principals of things,” or in other words, “What does it mean to be?” Balancing the two strands of Metaphysics: one which holds that what exists lies beyond experience and the other which holds that objects of experience constitute the only reality, the artist attempts to address the human condition. 
In her own words, “We all aspire to be a Form, in a Platonic sense, and our experiences shape our unique matter inside and create our ‘reality’ on this plane. We are all molds filled with different ‘substance’.” 

Each of the gasses used to illuminate her work are elements, part of the noble gas family. Housed in glass tubing, they seem to breath and flow under the influence of electricity. 

“By using neon, I hope to underline the commonalities of the basic nature of the medium and our lives – a battle between resistance and growth.” 

Through her exploration of form and existence, the artist concludes that we are all a delicate blend of our nature and that which has the ability to control our direction – birth, experience, love, routine, logic, reason, humor, self identity, and death. 

“So it goes,” says Pataky, quoting the author Kurt Vonnegut Jr, from whom two of her pieces draw inspiration.

Meryl Pataky's work has been exhibited in galleries such as 111 Minna, Melting Point, and Gallery Hijinks as well as pubic installations around San Francisco. She has been featured in CREO Magazine, on sites such as CoolHunting and LostatEMinor and has also won the Macy’s Passport Award in 2006. 

For more information on the artist or this exhibition click here.

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