Cornell Chicken

1 C. cooking oil
1 Pint cider vinegar
3 T. salt
1 T. poultry seasoning
1/2 t. pepper
1 egg, beaten*

1 whole cut up chicken fryer

Add oil to beaten egg, beat again. Add other ingredients and stir. Clean and de-skin chicken. Soak chicken in brine overnight. Remove chicken from brine and save brine to baste chicken during entire grilling time.

I use cut up chicken pieces, and grill using indirect heat…it takes about 45 minutes….basting every half hour or so. For the last 15 minutes, put the chicken over direct heat & baste until the skin is crispy.

* Please note that the photo shows two eggs - I doubled the recipe this time. For a whole chicken cutup fryer, use 1 egg as indicated in this recipe.