Bamboo Flooring Samples : Floor To Ceiling Ball

Bamboo Flooring Samples

bamboo flooring samples
    bamboo flooring
  • Bamboo floors are manufactured from the bamboo plant. The majority of today's bamboo flooring products originate in China and other portions of Asia. The species of bamboo used for flooring is commonly known as "Moso".
  • A specimen taken for scientific testing or analysis
  • A small part or quantity intended to show what the whole is like
  • (sample) a small part of something intended as representative of the whole
  • take a sample of; "Try these new crackers"; "Sample the regional dishes"
  • sample distribution: items selected at random from a population and used to test hypotheses about the population
  • A portion drawn from a population, the study of which is intended to lead to statistical estimates of the attributes of the whole population
bamboo flooring samples - 6 ft
6 ft 5 in Amerique Strand Woven Natural Solid Bamboo Flooring (6 inch Sample)
6 ft 5 in Amerique Strand Woven Natural Solid Bamboo Flooring (6 inch Sample)
This listing is for a piece of 8 inch sample of 6 ft long & 5 inch wide Amerique solid Strand Woven natural bamboo flooring. The real product will be sold by cartons with Carton size of 21.50 sf. The Janka rating would be more than 3000 which is more than twice of the regular solid bamboo flooring. The finish is Semi-gloss with 6 coatings of aluminum oxide. The Carton weight is 85 lbs. FloorUS will stand behind the description of the product. And it is a mill direct home improvement products supplier, with the highest quality at the lowest prices in the North American market. Please call (866) 693-5787 or email for further help. Thank you for your interests!

85% (5)
Travertine, Sile Stone, YOLO paint
Travertine, Sile Stone, YOLO paint
Here's a pic of the kitchen cabinets, the Travertine (large sample) -for throughout the house except in the bedrooms - we're doing Yanchi bamboo floors. The small sample is out of focus so you can't see all the pretty quartz speckled throughout - they kind of remind me of geodes. If any one is looking for a good environmentally responsible paint YOLO is awesome (or so says my faux painter friend Stacie says).
bamboo flooring from Ikea
bamboo flooring from Ikea
Decided after checking out flooring samples to replace it with new bamboo (can't tell from the pics but the existing bamboo is quite scuffed and dirty-looking), and matching bamboo for the stairs, in "natural" finish. It's going to make a huge difference :)

bamboo flooring samples
bamboo flooring samples
Texture Plus Indoor/Outdoor Siding Panel, Stacked Stone, Tan - Sample
Texture Plus Faux-Stone Panels make it easy to enhance your home or business with the elegant look of natural stone. Suitable indoors and out, these durable panels install easily and require virtually no maintenance. Available in a variety of styles, these polymer-based panels can be used to create looks that range from the rustic majesty of classic stone manors to the inviting atmosphere of natural spas.
callout top image

Faux-Stone Panels
At a Glance:
Incredibly true-to-life appearance

Suitable indoors and out

Maintenance free

Weatherproof, UV stable, and soundproof

Lightweight and easy to install

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Faux-Stone Outdoors
These panels are weatherproof, UV stable, and impervious to insects (shown in Stonewall Gray). View larger.
Faux-Stone Indoors
Quickly and inexpensively decorate your home or business (shown in Light Tan Stacked). View larger.
True-to-Life Appearance Adds Rustic Allure to Any Setting
Whether you're renovating or starting fresh, Texture Plus Faux-Stone Panels are the perfect way to add warmth to your home or business. Calling to mind nature and history, faux stone has an enduring charm. Now you can get that timeless look for yourself, without the help of professional masons or the labor of stone laying.
Popular in restaurants, outdoor entertainment settings, and retail displays, Texture Plus Faux-Stone Panels are desired for their remarkably true-to-life appearance, even when viewed close up. Nooks and crannies between the faux stones give the panels a convincingly three-dimensional appearance.
Hassle-Free Installation and Maintenance
And unlike traditional stone, which can be difficult to work with, Texture Plus Faux-Stone Panels give you unmatched ease and durability. Easy to install and virtually maintenance free, Texture Plus panels will give you stone-face accents or a simulated stone wall in hours, not days. And because each panel is only 1/2- to 5/8-inch-thick, you can install them in places that would normally require a difficult or pricey overhaul.
Weighing only five pounds each, Texture Plus Faux-Stone Panels measure 24 x 48 inches (H x W). Thanks to their lightweight design, the panels require absolutely no heavy lifting to install. And their convenient size makes them easy to transport--even in a small vehicle.
Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use
Designed for both interior and exterior settings, Texture Plus Faux-Stone polymer-based panels are weatherproof, UV stable, and impervious to insects. Additionally, they have soundproofing abilities and will help insulate your space with an R-value (resistance to heat flow) of five . And thanks to their rugged structure, the panels will last for years to come, no matter where you place them.
About Texture Plus: Extraordinarily Realistic
Texture Plus has been a trusted expert in the field of polymer-based materials for over 27 years. The family operated business serves clients around the globe with innovative faux panels that are tooled, designed, and manufactured in Long Island, New York. Known for producing faux panels that are remarkably true to life, Texture Plus offers faux-brick, faux-wood, faux-bamboo, and simulated stone panels. These attractive, high-quality products have been featured in several notable installations, including those shown on ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition, the Food Network, and CMT's Trick My Truck.
What's in the Box
Texture Plus Faux-Stone Panel.

Texture Plus Faux-Stone Panels
Cut GraniteGranite Gray
GrayGranite Light Gray
Light GrayGranite Tan
TanGranite Light Tan
Light Tan

FieldstoneFieldstone Gray
GrayFieldstone Light Gray
Light GrayFieldstone Tan
TanFieldstone Light Tan
Light Tan

StackedStacked Gray
StandardStacked Gray
InterlockStacked Light Gray
StandardStacked Light Gray
InterlockStacked Tan
StandardStacked Tan
InterlockStacked Light Tan
StandardStacked Light Tan
GrayLight GrayTanLight Tan

StonewallStacked Gray
StandardStacked Gray
InterlockStacked Light Gray
StandardStacked Light Gray
InterlockStacked Tan
StandardStacked Tan
InterlockStacked Light Tan
StandardStacked Light Tan
GrayLight GrayTanLight Tan

RiverstoneRiverstone Gray
GrayRiverstone Tan
TanRiverstone Natural
Natural Riverstone Small Brown
Small Brown

Specialty RockHand Cut Gray
Hand Cut GrayHand Cut Light Gray
Hand Cut Light GrayHand Cut Tan
Hand Cut TanHand Cut Light Tan
Hand Cut Light Tan
Natural Rock Gray
Natural Rock GrayNatural Rock Brown
Natural Rock BrownSlate Stone Natural
Slate Stone NaturalSlate Stone Ivory
Slate Stone Ivory
Castle Stone
Castle StoneCoral Block
Coral BlockGarden Stone
Garden Stone
Beach Sand
Beach SandConcrete

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