Appalachian Wood Flooring

appalachian wood flooring
    wood flooring
  • Wood flooring is any product manufactured from timber that is designed for use as flooring, either structural or aesthetic. Bamboo flooring is often considered a wood floor, although it is made from a grass (bamboo) rather than a timber.
  • Most often made from hardwoods like maple, pecan, beech, birch or oak.
  • Most wood flooring is made of hardwoods, such as oak, maple, pecan, beech and birch. There is solid wood flooring and laminated, which combines wood layered in different directions for strength and to inhibit warping.
  • a native or inhabitant of Appalachia
  • in or relating to Appalachia
  • (appalachians) a mountain range in the eastern United States extending from Quebec to the Gulf of Mexico; a historic barrier to early westward expansion of the United States
appalachian wood flooring - Colonial Manor
Colonial Manor Random Width 2-1/4", 3-1/4" or 4" Solid Hickory in Smokehouse
Colonial Manor Random Width 2-1/4", 3-1/4" or 4" Solid Hickory in Smokehouse
CMHS234 Create the simple and enduring beauty of days gone by with handcrafted Hickory floors, now available authentic random widths. Available 2.25 /3.25 /4'' as well as 3.25 and 4 3 colors. Specifications: -Species: Hickory. -Color: Smokehouse. -Construction: Solid. -Edge: Beveled. -Finish: Aluminum Oxide. -Width: Random 2.25'', 3.25'' or 4''. -Length: 12'' - 42''. -Thickness: 0.75''. -Surface: Hand scraped. -Square Feet per Carton: 21 sq ft. Related Trim -Reducer strip: VSH7R. -Stair nosing: VSH7N. -Baby threshold: VSH7B. -T-molding: VSH7T. -Qtr. round: VSH7Q. -Wall base: VSH7WB. Warranty: -Residential: 25 Years. Installation

75% (6)
These can be found along many of the hiking trails off the Blue Ridge Parkway in wooded areas. This patch of Galax plants was growing along the Bridge Trail on Grandfather Mountain. They were putting up their inflorescences at this time of the year up there. One curious thing about Galax leaves is that they last through the winter, but turn red once the trees drop their leaves and the forest floor receives more light. In the Spring, as the tree canopy starts shading them, they turn green again.
White Clintonia
White Clintonia
Speckled wood lily along the Figure Eight Trail at Cone Manor. They were all over the forest floor. Many of the leaves were chewed off like on the plant on the left shown here, indicating that forest animals love to eat them. Turns out the young leaves are indeed edible raw and reported to have a pleasant, cucumber-like taste. Older leaves are still edible but better cooked and eaten like spinach.

appalachian wood flooring
appalachian wood flooring
Hermosa Plank 3" Engineered Brazilian Hickory in Briar
BD3 Appalachian Hermosa Plank is a thin veneered engineered hardwood made from Brazilian Hickory with a 0.38'' x 3'' wide plank considered to be a low budget price offering by the company. It is considered to be a good selection for those with limited budgets, trying to improve a family's first home, or simply making it more attractive. Specifications: -Species: Brazilian Hickory. -Color: Briar. -Construction: Engineered. -Edge: Eased Edge Profile. -Finish Type: Black Rock Aluminum Oxide Satin Finish. -Width: 3''. -Length: 12'' - 42''. -Thickness: 0.38''. -Surface: Smooth. -Square Feet per Carton: 26.25 sq ft. Related Trim -Reducer strip: BDR. -Stair Nosing: BDN. -Baby Threshold: BDB. -T-Molding: BDT. -Quarter Round: BDQ. -Wall Base: BDW. Warranty: -Residential: 15 Years. -Commercial: 3 Years. Installation

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