Seasonal Decorations
I am so excited to see how each season looks with this house!

Christmas 2008


 Decorations in the LR

(Please excuse the dog who is passed out on the couch next to the tree!) I have no idea why the tree won't take a good picture. It looks much better in person, but I don't have the greatest camera.

Here are some of my favorite ornaments, and ornaments I've recieved from nesties this year!

The first says "NOEL" and it is from Nestie KyandMatt. The second is dog who looks kinda like our puppies who is tangled in lights from my friend Kerry who is a nestie but I can't remember her nestie name. The third says "First Christmas in New Home 2008" from PAAZwife!

These two are both from AbbyTownsend.

This one is from nestie vmgetl. I thought it looked great in our DR, so I put it in here intead of on our tree. It might stay out all year round because of my obsession with stars. :)

Thank you nesties!

(Ugh, yes, that is The Hills on the TV... *hangs head in shame*)

The mantle has lighted garland on it, but it is hard to tell.

Decorations in the DR

Our centerpiece. I swear the glass is clean! The flash made it glare!

My dad made this wooden tree to hang wooden ornaments on.

Decorations in our MBR

We decided to put our tree from our apartment in our bedroom and do a blue and green theme with it.

Our winter bedding! Flannel sheets from Target... scored at $13!

Our outdoor decorations

I honestly don't like the lights. It is too much. We have plans for next year that involves more greenery and a few lights. I can't wait to see how it turns out! I do love our wreath and our snowman though! (Oh and excuse the dead mums please! We are working on cutting them down. We hadn't when this picture was taken.)


Fall 2008

This is the pumpkin from the picture above. I had to move it to take a clear picture of it, so that is why it is pictured on the coffee table.

I am going to fill the glass pumpkin jar with candy corn or M&Ms.