Our Home

We settled on our first house on May 30, 2008, and moved in on June 7, 2008... which was our original wedding date before we moved our wedding up. We are enjoying turning it from a house to a home.


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It is a 1929, brick colonial duplex. We really need to do some landscaping, but that will probably in the spring/ summer. 


I want to take out the pink mums and put in red and orange ones. I think they are more "fall" looking than pink. I'm hoping that we will do that before the end of fall.

The week before we moved in, DH and my dad went in and refinished all of the hardwood floors (they were pretty crappy). DH also repainted the office and the guest bedroom, and FIL painted the master bedroom before we moved in. The dining room was repainted after we moved in.



BEFORE: Previous owners stuff.


AFTER: Our stuff... this was one of the only rooms we did not repaint. We liked the color in here. We will be repainting all of the trim in the entire house soon.

(Excuse the laptops on the coffee table and ottoman!)


I put these in place of the small frame. I got them on Clearance at Christmas Tree Shops for $1.99 each! They aren't crooked in real life... I just took the picture quickly so they look crooked in the first picture.

And I moved the other picture here:

It was a wedding present from one of my mom's best friends, who made it herself.


See our really old TV? Hopefully we will get a new one soon! But it is still kicking it! Haha! Also, I am not totally sure what to put on the wall in that corner. I was thinking of putting two barnstars on the one wall, and one on the other, staggered... but I'm not sure. Another Idea is to get the Empire West tiles and put them up.


I got these really cool barn stars at Christmas Tree Shops for about $6 each. They are really cool! They are different colors. One is Blue, one is a purpleish reddish, and one is green. They also have a design on them, but I don't know if the camera picked that up.


The sectional bookshelf is antique. It was my grandparents' and is one of my favorite pieces of furniture.

**UPDATE 3/17/09**

DH got me this ladder shelf for Christmas!

Not quite sure why my picture on the wall looks crooked, but I can assure you that it isn't crooked. The sectional bookshelf is now in the dining room.

The globe thing is an elephant light. It is antique. It was my great-grandparents' light. I had always loved it and they passed it on to my dad, who knew how much I loved it and gave it to me.

**UPDATE 3/17/09**


I LOVE our fireplace. Unfortunately, it was closed by two owners before us, but we plan on reopening it while we live here. We also plan on taking down that terrible mirror, and either putting a flat screen up there, or putting a framed mirror up, but that isn't on the top of our priority list.

I love the tile in front of the fireplace! That was our inspiration for colors in the living room.


We got a rug for the room. We love how it pulls the room and the colors together! (Excuse the dog sleeping on the love seat next to my computer... although she woke up for the picture, so you can see her glowing eyes, haha!)

I absolutely love the inlaid hardwood floors!  All of the visible corners have this design. They are original to the house, along with the fireplace and tile in front of the fireplace. The week between when we closed and moved in, DH and my dad refinished the hardwood floors because they were pretty bad. They look fantastic now!




BEFORE: Previous owners stuff

We HATED the blue in this room. This house has so much natural light, and the blue was soaking up the light and making the house so dark. It was very depressing and I could not wait to repaint it. It was also VERY HARD to repaint! the walls are textured, so it took so long to repaint, and painting above the built in cabinets (which we LOVE) was so hard!

AFTER: Our stuff

(I don't know why the room is so dark in this picture. It is a very bright room!) My dad is making us a radiator cover for over the radiator.

This is more the color and brightness. The picture above the piano is coming down. We want to get a large, round clock for that wall.

I don't know why this is so dark! This is the cabinet displaying the dinnerware we recieved for our wedding.

The china in this cabinet was my great-grandparents' china. It meant a lot for me to recieve it when we got married. It was to go to the first great-grandchild to get married. It is very special to me and I am thrilled to have a cabinet to display it in!

This is my piano from when I was a little girl. My parents saved it for me until I owned my first house (or a space big enough to put it in!).

I love the dark railing of the stairs and how it works with the dark furniture in the room! The stairway wall was also the awful blue! We repainted it antique white to break up the monotony of one color.

The door into the kitchen.

Looking into the living room from the dining room.

We found curtain rods and holdbacks that match the faceplates already in the room! Also, the curtains are actually SHOWER CURTAINS!!! Couldn't tell, could you? I really wanted a curtain to soften up the room because it did look very harsh. I love how the curtains pull it off!



BEFORE: Previous owner's stuff

DURING: Work is underway in our kitchen!!!

This is DH starting to tear out the ugly nook!

The nook, walls painted, waiting for wanescoating, and for the trim to be painted. We will NEVER put wanescoating up in this house again! Our house has plaster walls, with cinderblocks behind them. It was awful. Not to mention the walls aren't flat!

Wanescoating is COMPLETE!!! Trim is painted, walls are done.

***Not sure why the walls aren't showing up the color that they are, but they are a yellowish, creamish color, and the room is very bright now. I need to get pictures during the day.***

This cabinet is built in. The previous owners painted it the same color as the walls. It was awful. We painted it to match the rest of the cabinets and, while it is shinier, I think it looks pretty close! I love it!

Kitchen paint color is Translucent Cream by Valspar
Kitchen trim is Dove White by Valspar

AFTER: In progress!

We bought new flooring! And we ordered new countertops!!! I can't wait until it is all done! Pictures to come soon!



BEFORE: Previous owner's stuff

AFTER: Our stuff

I don't know why this image is so dark. This room is very bright and airy.

I want to paint the headboard white and then sand it down a little to distress it.

This cedar chest was my great-grandmother's. It is another one of my favorite pieces of furniture. This is NOT a good picture of it.

I bought this lamp for $1 at a yard sale. It had a very old lampshade. I bought this lamp shade at Christmas Tree Shoppes for $6.99 and I love how well it matches the lamp and the bedroom!



BEFORE: Previous owner's stuff

AFTER: Our stuff

 The bedroom suite is Millenium, from Ashley Furniture.


(Please excuse the dust particles in the middle of the pictures. I had just gotten done cleaning the bedroom, so there was dust in the air). We still need a nice TV stand. I'd like to get a decorative pillow for our bed with the letter "T" on it for our last name, and I'd like to get two more regular pillows so that I could lay them out different and they would look nice and a little more full on the bed than just having our two pillows up there.

(Ignore the quilt in the next few pictures. It is no longer on this bed... it was temporary until we got the white duvet that is now on the bed.)

I love this dresser! The three drawers in the middle are not actually drawers. It is a cabinet! I was completely shocked by that when I was putting my clothes in there and couldn't open the drawer and all of the sudden a door pulled out of the dresser, instead of a drawer! It was a nice surprise! That was the one reason why I was bummed about this dresser, I didn't think it had a cabinet like other dressers I had liked. YAY!

This mirror wasn't part of the bedroom set. It was actually a wedding present. I love it so much! I love how well it matches the bedroom set too!

The ugly metal thing in the corner is actually a quilt stand... I just don't have a blanket on there right now. It is in the wash.

These lamps are PERFECT for this room! You can't really tell, but they are brown and blue. I love them! I got them at Ashley Furniture on sale from $109 for the pair down to $72 for the pair!


This is the detail on the holdbacks. We want to get curtain rods that are similar, but because of the size of the window, we have to have one special ordered.


We added the mirrored barn stars above each night stand. They look great! they were a score at $7.99 a piece at Christmas Tree Shops! We got the flannel sheets at Target on sale for $13! :) I love a good deal. The bedding is our winter look.



Looking down the hallway into the master. We want to put track lighting into the hall to brighten it up. I LOVE the wooden floors.


I HATE this bathroom!!! We plan on totally gutting it and renovating it, but it will be our second major project, because we have to finish the kitchen reno before we do the bathroom. This is our only full bathroom in the house, so we need to have the full bath downstairs before we can gut this one.


Not much of an update, but I added a wicker towel hamper to the bathroom and it seemed to make it feel a little homier and semi-nicer than it was. I also have our fall towels out. But I still hate this bathroom!



I hate this room. When we bought the house, the panelling was dark. We painted it white to freshen up the room. I also plan on replacing the floors for a temporary new look until we can gut it, go through the wall into the kitchen nook, and make it a full bath and first floor laundry room.

This is the mudroom. I hate this room too, and this room also had the dark panelling, which I painted white. (You can't tell, because the only wall you see is the brick wall). This is the dog's room right now... this is where they eat and lounge if they are outside (I leave the door open for them when I am home).

This is a milk and package reciever original to the house. It is part of the charm of the house that we LOVE. We wish we could open it, but we cant. :( This will stay when we renovate.


Our yard DESPERATELY needs some landscaping, but because we have puppies, we are going to wait until next year to do anything. We want to put in a patio, and also plant a tree.

This is looking at the back of the house. You can see our balcony from here, which is off of our office.



Pictures to come!