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We adopted Kota and Maggie from the SPCA. They are sisters from the same litter and we didn't have the heart to seperate them. I really think we are nuts... and if we aren't we are going nuts. They have SO MUCH ENERGY and it is exhausting us much faster than it is them!

Much to everyone's surprise, they are not black labs. They are German Shorthair Pointer/ Rottweiler mixed.  The pointer is the dominant gene for them, we think.

This was the way, and where they fell asleep on the first night in their new home! Kota is on the left and maggie on the right. This was their favorite spot to lay until we got them a dog bed for in the living room, and now they are on that CONSTANTLY. They love it!

I *wish* that all of these pictures was a depiction of what happens most of the time... but it isn't. They are INSANE with each other and usually constantly on the go. They LOVE to go on walks with mommy. :)

Kota on the left, Maggie on the right

We love to play with Daddy! And we love to sleep on Daddy!

A few days after the puppies came home, they both got sick. Both puppies had an upper respiratory illness, and both had severe eye infections. They are wearing the cones to prevent them from scratching their eyes, and they were put on a "no play" regime... which has been very difficult. Unfortunately, their eyes got worse, not better and Maggie ended up needed surgery to have a HUGE mass removed from in front of her eye. They removed her tear gland because the mass was too big to tac down (think cherry eye, but times 100 because it was just AWFUL! The vet was shocked at how big it was). The vet wasn't sure that Kota would need the surgery, but he spayed both of the girls the same day he did Maggie's surgery. Luckily, this was all covered by the SPCA, because we had 30 days of healthcare through them. A few days after the surgery, Kota's eye became just awful, although not as bad as Maggie's. We thought she was going to need the surgery and the SPCA was going to call and schedule it, but in the few days we were waitng (it was ove July 4th weekend that this happened, when the SPCA and the vet both weren't opened), her eye returned to normal and she didn't need surgery!

We love to chase each other to steal each other's toys.


Maggie asleep on the couch with her toung hanging out.

DH cuddling!


Seriously, I think this ball lasted about 10 minutes. They chew through any ball you give them. Kongs are the way to go.

Why did you wake us up???

This is what happens when you put a dog bed in the crate with them. Now NOTHING goes in their crate with them.



+ a nice rainy day= the following:

(You can't really tell but her mouth was covered in mud, and all of her feet were covered in mud).

Fun times when puppies are around!

Daddy! Come get us! We want to go to!!! Don't forget us!

Kota and the windows...

Do we have a dog or a cat???
(Can you tell Kota LOVES LOVES LOVES windows??)

Maggie sleeping in the pillows. :)

Check out Maggie's legs! (She is the one on the left). HA!

Kota cuddling with her Kong and Daddy's feet.

We love our Daddy!

 Thanks for visiting us!