Hichibuku Goshinjutsu

Hichibuku Goshinjutsu is a form of Japanese Natural Medicine, as taught by Hatsumi Soke (Head of the Bujinkan Dojo martial arts organisation). It was originally taught as an integral part of warrior / martial training, however it also has application as a comprehensive system of natural healthcare & healing.

Hatsumi Sensei states the following:-

"Formerly, the method of medical called Hichibuku Goshinjutsu was learned as part of the process of acquiring Budo Taijutsu."
(Hatsumi Masaaki - Unarmed Fighting Techniques of the Samurai -2008)


"Maybe one can call this natural medicine when one heals the sick using the truthful healing ways of Amatsu Tatara Hibun and the truths of the human body and the natural world known as Hichbuku Goshinjutsu."
(Hatsumi Masaaki - Sanmyaku magazine issue 9)


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Hatsumi Sensei with commerative presentation of his
name being inscribed on 'Wall of Honour' at the
Royal Society of Medicine in London, England