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Previous Officers and Appointees

The AMS Midwest Chapter applauds the generous volunteer service of our past officers. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of the chapter. Please send corrections and additional information to the Web Manager.

Presidents James Borders (University of Michigan), 2010-12
Elinor Olin (National-Louis University), 2008-10
Mary Natvig, (Bowling Green State University), 2006–8
Scott Messing (Alma College), 2004–6
James Briscoe (Butler University), 2002–4
Camilla Cai (Kenyon College), 2000–2
A. Peter Brown (Indiana University), 1998–2000
Theodore Albrecht (Kent State University), 1996–8
Elizabeth Aubrey, 1994–6
Karin Pendle, 1992–4
Alexander Main, 1990–2
Franklin S. Miller, 1982–4
Chairmen J. Bunker Clark (University of Kansas), 1974–5
Robert A. Warner (University of Michigan), 1963
Secretaries Jane Ferencz (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater), 2009–2011
Stephanie P. Schlagel (University of Cincinnati), 2007–9
Elinor Olin (National-Louis University), 2005–7
Richard L. Bowen (Wabash College), 2003–5
Matthew Balensuela (Depauw University), 2001–3
Steven M. Whiting (University of Michigan), 1999–2001
Marian Wilson Kimber (Cornell College), 1995–9
Lois Rosow, 1993–5
Treasurers Eftychia Papanikolaou (Bowling Green State University), 2009-2013
Jessie Fillerup (Washburn University), 2007–9
Mary Paquette-Abt, 2005-7
Pamela Whitcomb (A-R Editions), 2003–5
Dane Heuchemer (Kenyon College), 2001–3
Mary Natvig (Bowling Green State University), 1999–2001
James L. Zychowicz (A-R Editions), 1995–9
Linda Ferguson, 1993–5
Secretary-Treasurers James R. Briscoe, 1987–9
Donald H. Foster (University of Cincinnati), 1975
Eugene J. Leahy (University of Notre Dame), 1963
Editors Peter Alexander (University of Iowa), 1998–2005
Dennis Lloyd (University of Kentucky Press), 1996–8
Susan M. Filler, 1982–5
Franklin S. Miller (University of Wisonsin-Milwaukee), 1976–80
Arnold B. Perris (University of Missouri-St. Louis), 1972–5
Hans Nathan (Michigan State University), 1961–71
Margery Stomne Selden (Wayne State University), 1961–3
AMS Council Representatives
Brian Hart (Northern Illinois University), 2010–12
Eftychia Papanikolaou (Bowling Green State University), 2007–9
Matthew Balensuela (DePauw University), 2006–8
Judith McCulloh (University of Illinois Press), 2003–6
Craig B. Parker (Kansas State University), 2000–3
Elinor Olin (National-Louis University), 1998–2000
Frank E. Kirby (Lake Forest College), 1995–8
James R. Briscoe, 1993–5
Ralph T. Daniel, 1975–7
Student Representatives
Peter Gillette (University of Iowa), 2011-2012
Michael Mauskapf (University of Michigan), 2010-2011
Stephanie Frakes (Ohio State University), 2008-2010
Sarah Ruddy (Washington University), 2006-8
Benjamin Ayotte (Michigan State), 2004-6
Philip Sisto (Case Western Reserve University), 2003-5
Dawn Astrid De Rycke (University of Chicago), 2001-2
Anthony Bushard (University of Kansas), 2002-4
Christina Baade (University of Wisconsin), 2000-2
Luiz Fernando Lopes (Indiana University), 1999-2001
Jennifer Jenkins (Northwestern University), 1998-2000
Kenneth Smith (University of Illinois), 1997-9
Jeanne Nickelsburg Thompson (University of Iowa), 1996-7
Mark Katz (University of Michigan), 1995-6
Michael Fleming, 1976-7
Program Committee
(* = Chair)
Brian Locke (Western Illinois University), 2009-10
Christopher Williams (Bowling Green State University), 2009-10
Robert Fallon (Bowling Green State University), 2008-9
Vincent Corrigan* (Bowling Green State University), 2007-8
David Kidger (Oakland University), 2007-8
Eftychia Papanikolaou (Bowling Green State University), 2007-8
Lisa Feurzeig* (Grand Valley State University), 2005-6
Craig Parker (Kansas State University), 2005-6
James Borders* (University of Michigan), 2004-5
Karin Pendle* (University of Cincinnati), 2003-4
Edward Kottick (University of Iowa), 2003-4
Matthew Steel (Western Michigan University (2003-4)
Elinor Olin* (National-Louis University), 2001-2
Roberta Lindsey (IUPUI-Indianapolis), 2001-2
Inna Naroditskaya (Northwestern University), 2001-2
Local Arrangements
Eftychia Papanikolaou (Miami University of Ohio), 2007
Lisa Feurzig (Grand Valley State University), 2004
John Schuster-Craig (Grand Valley State University), 2004
Dolores Pesce (Washington University of St. Louis), 2003
Roberta Lindsey (IUPUI-Indianapolis), 2002
Naomi André (University of Michigan), 2000
Mark Clague (University of Michigan), 2000
Elinor Olin (National-Louis University), 2000-10
Website Managers
Mark Clague (University of Michigan), 2001-10
Yvonne Gray (Indiana University), 1998-2000
Program Policy Committee
Camilla Cai (Kenyon College)
Pamela Fox
James L. Zychowicz (A-R Editions)
Nominating Committee
Peter Alexander (University of Iowa), 2006-8
Elizabeth Aubrey (University of Iowa), 2004-6
Michael Strasser (Baldwin-Wallace College), 2004-6
Larry Bennett, 2002-4
Beth Ann Zamzow, 2002-4
James L. Zychowicz (A-R Editions), 2002-4
Jeff Wasson, 2001-2
Brian Hart (Northern Illinois University), 2001-2
James Briscoe (Butler University), 1999-2001
Shirley Bean, 1999-2001
Stephen Self, 1999-2001