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Job Descriptions

Officers: President / Secretary / Treasurer
Representatives: AMS Council Representative / AMS Council Student Representatives
Committees: Program Committee / Local Arrangements / Nominating / Other Committees
Appointments: Newsletter Editor / Website Manager

See Chapter Constitution and Bylaws for Specific Policies

(two-year term, elected in even-numbered years)
  • Serves as the chief officer of the chapter and is responsible for the Chapter's well-being.
  • Coordinates work of all Chapter officers and appointees.
  • Maintains Chapter records and archive storage. At end of term, documents should be culled and sent to incoming president and/or to AMS archive. (See AMS Directory for archivist and address.)
  • Selects Student Representatives to National AMS Council. Two 2-year staggered terms according to school rotation schedule, in consultation with one or more faculty at school. (See AMS Council Guidelines.)
  • Appoints Program Committee: three members, each April.
  • Appoints Nominating Committee: three members, each spring in odd years.
  • Appoints Newsletter Editor and Website Manager
  • Arranges meeting place for Fall and Spring meetings. Appoints Local Arrangements committee/person. Makes sure space and equipment needs are met, as well as hotel arrangements; has information sent to Secretary.
  • Receives named copies of all meeting proposals (mail and online). Check names against meeting programs for past 12 months. Forwards online proposals to the Program Committee in anonymous form, and indicates if a proposal is offered by anyone who has presented in the past year (i.e., the previous two meetings). Notifies Program Committee Chair of identity of successful applicants. Notifies applicants of results.
  • Presides over business meetings, Spring and Fall.
  • After election at Spring meeting, informs all candidates of results. (President elected in even years; Secretary and Treasurer in odd years; AMS Council Representative holds office for three years.)
  • Reports student prize results to all who applied, the two presses, and the Chapter Secretary.
  • Maintains communication with all officers and appointees.
  • Forward documents and trains next president as needed
(two-year term, elected in odd-numbered years)
(description updated 3/2017)
  • Produces or forwards to the Website manager for online distribution four informational mailings (approximately May, August, December, and February-March) containing the Calls for Papers for the fall and spring meetings, and the programs for the same.
  • Attends twice-annual meetings, seeing to logistical needs (name tags, etc.) in consultation with the hosting institution.
  • Takes minutes at business meetings, reports on previous meeting, and revises minutes as needed.
  • Forwards minutes to the Website manager for internet distribution.
  • Tabulates results of voting, both by absentee ballots and by members present.
  • Maintains Chapter constitution and bylaws, providing copies as requested and brings copies to the annual meetings in case questions arise; any changes should be forwarded to Website manager.
  • Acts as liaison with national AMS, responding to information requests, especially the annual report due in April of each year for national newsletter.
  • Sends news of Chapter meetings to editor of national Society's newsletter.
  • Reports to Chapter President; maintains close communication with Treasurer and Website manager to keep information current.
  • Trains next Chapter Secretary as needed; at end of term, Chapter documents should be culled and sent to incoming officer and/or to AMS archive (see AMS directory for archivist and address).
(two-year term, elected in odd-numbered years)
  • Sets up and maintains local bank account for Chapter.
  • Receives and deposits dues.
  • Pays bills for biannual meetings
  • Maintains membership database (addresses, status, email, etc.,) and collects dues.
  • Forwards mailing labels to Secretary in time for mailings and newsletter. These can be already printed out or in a computer file--check preferences of Secretary.
  • Receives online registrations from Website manager and sends membership updates to Website manager to keep information current.
  • Arrives early to administer registration for chapter meetings (both days) and collect dues (coffee is usually provided--request from local arrangements).
  • Pays bills for meetings.
  • Reports on financial status of Chapter at each business meeting.
  • Responds to information requests of national Society, sends finanicial reports, etc.
  • Reports to Chapter President; maintains close contact with Secretary and Website manager to keep membership information current
  • Trains succeeding Treasurer as needed; at end of term, documents should be culled and sent to incoming officer and/or to AMS archive (see AMS directory for archivist and address).
Advice from previous office holders.
Newsletter Editor
  • Solicits and collects information for annual newsletter (report on members' professional activities).
  • Edits, formats, and types newsletter as an MSWord or other electronic document.
  • Sends camera-ready copy to Secretary as a file or printout as preferred; also sends to the Webmaster.
  • Trains replacement as needed; at end of term, Chapter documents should be culled and sent to incoming officer and/or to AMS archive (see AMS directory for archivist and address).
Website Manager
(term by appointment of the Chapter president)
  • Maintains and modifies Chapter Website to fulfill needs of Chapter; publicizes url.
  • Keeps in close contact with officers of the Society, posting new information, such as mailings, to the site.
  • Reminds officers of upcoming deadlines.
  • Works with Treasurer to keep online membership directory current.
  • Maintains chapter email list.
  • Works with local arrangements committees to develop meeting pages on Chapter site or link to LAC site.
  • Publicizes meeting CFP's on site and over email (both regional and national lists).
  • Maintains online archive of all online materials.
  • Maintains official online copy of the Chapter Constitution and Bylaws.
  • Trains replacement as needed; at end of term, Chapter documents should be culled and sent to incoming officer and/or to AMS archive (see AMS directory for archivist and address).
AMS Council Representative
(3-year term)
  • Attends the AMS Council meetings, representing Chapter concerns.
  • Submits minutes to the chapter, reporting especially on national initiatives concerning the Chapter.
  • See AMS Council Guidelines for more information.
Student Representative
(2-year term)
  • Represents concerns of students in Chapter at the Chapter business meeting.
  • Represents student needs at AMS Council meetings.
  • Reports to the Chapter on AMS Council meetings, focusing on issues concerning students in the Chapter.
  • See AMS Council Guidelines for more information.
Program Committee
(1-year term)
Nominating Committee
(2-year term)
  • Submits names of two candidates for each office coming up for election to the President at least nine weeks prior to the spring business meeting at which the election is to take place. Nominations must include a letter from each candidate, stating that he or she will serve if elected.
  • See Constitution and Bylaws for further details.
Local Arrangements Committee
(Appointed by president for single meeting)
  • Serves as host for AMS Midwest Chapter meeting in spring or fall, usually with support of host institution and at no cost to the Chapter. Traditionally there is no registration fee for Chapter meetings; membership fees only.
  • Works with Chapter President to identify suitable date for meeting. Date should be announced at the business meeting prior, in Chapter mailings and on the Chapter website.
  • Finds (one) suitable room (50 people with podium and microphone for speaker) for Saturday morning/afternoon and Sunday morning sessions; must be accessible to the handicapped.
  • Works with Program Committee to provide audio/visual equipment needed for presentations; communicates any limitations to Program Committee prior to Call for Papers.
  • Works with area hotels whenever possible to secure discounted rates and room block for Chapter at convenient hotels to meeting site. Cost is an important factor, especially for student participants. (For Chicago meetings, the chapter is not yet large enough to bargain effectively for discounts, but it should be possible in smaller cities.)
  • Provides registration table with chairs for Chapter Secretary.
  • Organizes Chapter lunch, happy hour, or dinner on Saturday. (Some institutions provide coffee service for a.m. sessions.)
  • Works with Website Manager to develop webpage with meeting information (see previous pages for examples).
  • Collaborates with Chapter Secretary to publish meeting information in Chapter mailings well in advance of meeting. Complete information is sent out three months prior; announcement is sent out at least six months prior. Local information may be distributed at meeting registration.
  • Works with Program Committee and Secretary to publish meeting program (usually just a single sheet front and back).
  • Remains on-site during the meeting to troubleshoot problems, assist session chairs, and accept heartfelt appreciation of Chapter during business meeting.
  • Some Local Arrangements Committees coordinate or publicize local cultural events, so that Chapter attendees can attend.
  • Sends archival information to Website manager and Chapter president.
Other Committees Serve as directed by the President.