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Guidelines for Paper Proposals

(drafted April 2000, rev. 2005)

Any scholar of music is invited to submit papers on any subject to the Program Committee. Papers should not have been given at an AMS national meeting. You must be a registered member of the chapter to deliver a paper at Chapter meetings. If you are not presently a Chapter member, click here to join online. There is no additional fee for Chapter meetings. Note that submission of an abstract obligates the proposer to present the paper should the Program Committee select it for the program.

The Program Committee will give preference to members who have not read papers during the past two meetings. Abstracts should be 500 words or fewer and explain the premise of the paper, the conclusions reached, and the methodology used. Papers should not previously have been given at an AMS national meeting.

Proposals should include a list of equipment needed for the presentation. The usual equipment available includes a piano, tape and CD players, and an overhead projector (with screen). Computer and VHS/DVD projection is generally available at meetings in Chicago, but is not guaranteed. Presentations requiring other kinds of equipment must be discussed with the Program Chair.

Complete the online proposal submission form and send (via email or U.S. post) one blind abstract, that is, one without any personal identification, and one signed abstract to the Chapter President. (These may be sent electronicaly as MSWord or better .pdf attachments.) The President will forward blind copies to the members of the Program Committee.

The Program Committee (see checklist) is responsible for evaluating proposals based on the above stated guidelines and the creation of a coherent slate of sessions. If the call for proposals yields an insufficient number of proposals that meeting the guidelines, the Program Chair will solicit further papers to complete the program. Again, preference will be given to members who did not present at the last two meetings.

Students are eligible for the outstanding paper prize supported by A-R Editions and Indiana University Press. In order to be considered, students must submit three copies of the complete paper to the Program Committee no later than the meeting at which they read the paper. The Chapter urges advisors to attend their students’ presentations and expects that advisors will assist their students in preparing and practicing a professional presentation.