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The AMS Midwest Chapter offers two annual prizes for outstanding student papers read at its meetings. Students wishing to compete for the annual prizes offered by Indiana University Press and A-R Editions, Inc. should so indicate in the cover letter to their abstract submission to the program committee. In order to be considered, students must submit three copies of the complete paper to the program committee no later than the meeting at which they read the paper. Winners of the awards will be announced after the spring meeting and their names will be published in the Chapter newsletter. The Chapter is grateful to A-R Editions, Inc. and Indiana University Press for their generous encouragement of developing scholars.

The A-R Editions Award

First awarded in 1983, this award recognizes the Most Outstanding Student Paper presented at the fall meeting of the AMS Midwest Chapter. A winner is chosen from among presenters who declare their candidacy by the members of the AMS Midwest fall program committee. Awardees receive several A-R publications of their choosing.

The Indiana University Press Award

The Indiana University Press Award is given in recognition of an outstanding student paper delivered at the spring meeting of the AMS Midwest Chapter. The winner is selected by the program committee, and is announced after the spring meeting.


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Year A-R Editions Award Indiana University Press Award
2017-2018 Devon J. Borowski (University of Chicago)
"Singing White Womanhood: Bach’s Kaffeekantate and the Erotics of Enlightenment Cannibalism"

2016-2017 Alyssa Mehnert (University of Cincinnati)
"'A Constant Stream of Requests': McKinney’s Cotton Pickers on the Radio 1927–1931"
Devora Geller (CUNY Graduate Center)
"Navigating the Jewish Noise Complaint in Yiddish Films of the 1930s"
2015-2016 [no award given] Jacek Blaszkiewicz (Eastman School of Music)
"Enter the Furnace: Morality and Social Space in Offenbach’s La vie parisienne
2014-2015 Derek Stauff (Indiana University)
"The Political Context of Schütz’s Concerto 'Saul, was verfolgst du mich'"
[no award given]
2013-2014 Danielle Kuntz (University of Minnesota)
"Lisbon's Musical Elite and the Genesis of Oratorio in Early Eighteenth-Century Portugal (1719–1723)"
Jess Peritz (University of Chicago)
"Staging Domesticity: Rousseau and the Politics of the Domestic Sphere in Grétry’s Lucile"
2012-2013 Brian MacGilvray (Case Western Reserve University)
"Shaping the Memento Mori: Froberger’s Meditation faite sur ma mort future and Seventeenth-Century Vanitas Art"
Jeremy Zima (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
"Strauss’s Intermezzo: A New Look at the German Artist-Opera"
2011-2012 Michele Fuchs (Ohio State University)
"Gradual chants and the notion of embodied lament in a passage from Innocent III's De sacro alteris mysterio (1198 C.E.)"
Claudio Vellutini (University of Chicago)
"Opera and Monuments: Verdi's Ernani in Vienna and the Construction of Dynastic Memory"
2010-2011 Michael Mauskapf (University of Michigan)
"'Fighting the Good Fight': Robert Whitney, Charles Farnsley, and the Louisville Orchestra New Music Project"
Feng Shu Lee (University of Chicago)
"Transcending the Philosophical Boundary: Schopenhauer's Impact on the Ending of the Ring Reconsidered"
2009-2010 Holly Holmes (University of Illinois)
"Ku Klux Klan Sheet Music: 'Creating Desire' in 1920s Middle America"
James A. Naumann (Ohio State University)
"Das Schöne Unendliche: Jean Paul's Paradox and Schumann's Sphinx"
2008-2009 Rachel (Maine) Tollett (Northwestern University)
"Renata and Her Inquisitor: The Divine and Demonic without Dividing Line
Christopher Barry (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
"Unrecording Philomel: Taped Voice as Schizophonic Prosthesis"
2007-2008 Aaron Ziegel (University of Illinois)
"Chasing Schumann's Papillons: A Poetic Perspective on the Symphony in G Minor"
Rebecca Bennett (Northwestern University)
"Thomson and Adorno Fight 'Appreciation Racket'"
2006-2007 Maria Cristina Fava (Eastman School of Music)
"Transforming Test: Weill's Use of Circularity as a Framing Device"
Joseph Jones (University of Illinois)
"Strauss's Compositional Process and the Act I Trio of Der Rosenkavalier"
2005-2006 Anya Holland-Barry (University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music)
"Blurring Boundaries: Libby Larsen's Opera Mrs. Dalloway"
Sin-Yan Hedy Law (University of Chicago)
"'Tout, dans ses charmes, est dangereux': Physical and Musical Gestures in French Pantomime, 1748-1773"
2004-2005 Travis N. Yeager (Indiana University)
"Bernstein's Chuztpah: Mass and the Jewish Tradition of Argument with God"
Damaris Boettiger (University of Iowa)
"Leopoldine Blahetka's Piano Quartet, op. 44, and a 'Mature, Male Spirit'"
Lara Housez (University of Western Ontario)
"Kurt Weill's Love Life in a Comparative Study with Stephen Sondheim's Assassins"
2002-2003 Maria Cristina Fava (Bowling Green State University)
"Marc Blitzstein's Sacco and Vanzetti and the Rhetoric of McCarthyism"
Peter John Schimpf (Indiana University)
"Henry Cowell's Gongaku and a Transethnic Basis for the Tone Cluster"
2001-2002 Alejandro L. Madrid (The Ohio State University)
"Constructing Identity through the Avant-Garde: Issues of Ideology and Style in Carlos Chavez's Early Musical Output"
Olga Haldey (The Ohio State University)
"Savva Mamontov, the Moscow Private Opera, and the Transition from Realism to Modernism on the Russian Operatic State"
2000-2001 Roberta Freund Schwarz (University of Illinois)
"En busca de liberalidad: Modalities of Music Patronage by the Spanish Nobility, 1470-1640"
Shersten Johnson (University of Kansas)
"Britten's Musical Syllables"
1999-2000 Jewel A. Smith (University of Cincinnati)
"Playing Chorales at the Piano: Performance at the Moravian Young Ladies' Seminary, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania"
Judith Kuhn (University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee)
"Shostakovich's Intimate Voice: An Approach to Language and Meaning in the Fourth Quartet"
1998-1999 Rebecca Wagner Oettinger (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
"Popular Song and the Politics of Resistance in the Augsburg Interim"
Jane A. Warburton (The Ohio State University)
"Questions of Attribution in Three Medieval Texts on Species Theory"
1997-1998 Graham Wood (University of Minnesota)
"Re-viewing Oklahoma!: Musicals, Modernity, and National Consciousness"
Billee A. Bonse (The Ohio State University)
"El son de n'Alamanda: Another melody by a Trobaritz?"
1996-1997 Mark Katz (University of Michigan)
"Coming to Terms with Canned Music: Listening to the Phonograph, 1900-1930"
Rebecca Wagner Oettinger (University of Wisconsin at Madison)
"Antichrist and Evil Men: Popular Song as Propaganda in the German Reformation"
1995-1996 Manuel Erviti (University of Illinois)
Paul A. Munson (University of Michigan)
"The Poetics of Liszt's St. Stanislaus Oratorio"
1994-1995 David A. Griffioen (Indiana University)
Laura J. Koenig (University of Iowa)
"Quarter Tones and the Enharmonique in 18th-Century France"
1993-1994 David A. Griffioen (Indiana University)

1992-1993 Annie Randall (University of Cincinnati)
Kelley Harness (University of Illinois)
"Amazzoni di Dio: The Image of the Virgin Martyr in Florentine Musical Spectacle under Maria Maddalena d'Austria and Cristina di Lorena (1621-1628)"
1991-1992 Todd Borgerding (University of Michigan)
1990-1991 J. Michael Allsen (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
"Dufay and the Isorhythmic Motet of the 1430s"

1989-1990 Patrick Brannon
1988-1989 Robin Armstrong (University of Michigan)

1987-1988 Lydia Hammessley (University of Minnesota)
J. Michael Allsen (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
"Introitus Sections in 14th-Century Motets: History, Form, and Function"
1986-1987 Antonia L. Banducci (Washington University-St. Louis)

1985-1986 Harold Briggs (Indiana University)

1984-1985 Kathryn Reed-Maxwell
1983-1984 Chris Goertzen (University of Illinois)