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The Midwest Chapter is the largest constituent division of the American Musicological Society, covering Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, as well as areas in Canada north of our constituent states from Winnipeg to Windsor. The Chapter hosts two meetings annually, programming twenty-four to thirty papers given by students, professors, and other interested scholars. More information about all of the AMS chapters can be found on the chapter pages of the Society's website.

Chapter Officers

Officers of the Chapter are elected by the membership and serve two-year terms. Nominations are solicited by the nominating committee prior to each election. The Chapter also recognizes the generous contributions of past officers. If you are wondering whom to contact about a particular issue, please review the chapter job descriptions linked below.

Current Officers and Appointees

(Click on officer title to see job description.)

Mary Paquette-Abt
Wayne State University
E-mail <amsmidwestpresident AT gmail DOT com>
Scott Messing
Alma College
E-mail <amsmidwestsecretary AT gmail DOT com>
Anita Hardeman
Western Illinois University
E-mail <amsmidwesttreasurer AT gmail DOT com>
AMS Council Representative
Arne Spohr
Bowling Green State University
Student Representatives to the Council
Dana Plank-Blasko (2015-2016)
Ohio State University

Ashley Pribyl (2016-2017)
Washington University
Newsletter Editor
Program Committee
Jessica Payette, chair
Oakland University

Robert L. Kendrick
University of Chicago

Judith Mabary
University of Missouri
Local Arrangements
Georgia Cowart (Spring 2016)
Case Western Reserve University

Daniel Goldmark (Spring 2016)
Case Western Reserve University
Nominating Committee
Mary Natvig
Bowling Green State University

William Kinderman
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Web Manager
Joe Matson
Millikin University
E-mail <amsmidwestweb AT gmail DOT com>

Previous Officers and Appointees

The AMS Midwest Chapter applauds the generous volunteer service of our past officers. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of the chapter.