Insert a Table of Contents

Here's a handy organizational tool if you have a web page that you need to scroll down a lot to get to content.  

By inserting a Table of Content your viewers will be able to quickly get to the part of the web page that most interests them.

Here's how to construct a Table of Contents on a Google web page.

First, you must create titles for the sections of the page you wish to link to.  You can create from scratch, or edit an existing title.  In any event, you will need to follow these few steps.

1. Highlight the title of interest
2. Go to the Format menu and select the type of Heading of interest (normally the Heading (H2) will do nicely).
Note... You can always modify the font and size after this is done!
3. Continue this process for any "title" on the page.

Now you are ready to "insert" the Table of Content

Simply go to the Insert menu > and select Table of Content

A window will appear (see right) which will allow you to select which levels to display (Show Levels), e.g. H2, H3, H4, etc.
You can always return to these "properties" to modify.

Click Save.  You will now be able to "align" this object just as you would any other object inserted into a Google web page.

That's it!  Give it a go.

Here's a short video that will review this process.

YouTube Video