RSS Feeds

Wouldn't it be nice to have your Google site automatically be pushed to your favorite RSS reader?

Well, to the best of my knowledge, you cannot "subscribe" via RSS feeds to an entire Google site.  

However, with the Announcement style page you can!  

If you have not created an Announcement style page before, click HERE to learn how.

Careful... Personal (public) Google accounts and Domain (school) accounts work just a little differently. 

Personal (Public) Accounts

On a Personal (public) Google account a "Subscribe to post" link will automatically appear on any Announcement style page you create. Your visitors will see this:
Viewers can also copy/paste the web address of your Announcement style page into your favorite reader as well.

Domain (School) Accounts

When creating an Announcement Style page on a Google site within a Domain account, the "Subscribe to posts" does not appear.  But with a simply addition to the URL of the page it will work with any reader.

Here's how it works.  By having your viewers add "/posts.xml" to the end of the page URL it can now be added to any RSS reader you use.  Yes, I know, a little extra work.  But that's what we get with "free" tools ;)

I might suggest adding some instructions at the top of any Announcement style page you create inside a domain (along with an RSS icon).  Here's a sample:

To subscribe to this page via your favorite RSS feeder. Add  "/posts.xml"  to the URL (web address) above.  Now, copy and paste the entire web address into your favorite reader.

A Word about RSS readers....

Yes, my favorite RSS reader is now gone (Google Reader).  If you are still searching for an alternative RSS reader, take a peek at the following list:

Here is a short video that will review how viewers can RSS feed to an Announcement style page.

YouTube Video