Insert Images

To insert an image(s) to your web page, you will need to be in the editing mode of the page.

Place your cursor where you wish the image to go, select the Insert menu > select Image.

You can insert an image from your computer...

or, link to a photo from the web...

Special note... notice the Alt Text option when inserting an image.  Type in a descriptive text to allow screen readers for the visually impaired to "hear" what the image is.  This will also help make your site ADA compliant. 

Each time you insert an image, you will be able to do some "adjusting" with the tools that appear:

You will be able to "adjust" the Alignment, Size, and turn Wrap on or off, as well as remove the image.

Forgot to add a Alt Text when inserting an image, no problem.  Notice the "change" link in the above image?  This will take you to a "Text to Display" field where you can add a descriptive text.

Here is a short video that will review the Inserting an Image process

YouTube Video