Insert a Google Presentation

If you are like me, you probably have many PowerPoint (or Keynote) presentations that you use for classroom instruction or professional use.  But instead of letting them sit idle for months, lets see how we can "insert" these presentations directly into your Google Site for student (public) access 24/7/365.  This process can also be used to "publish" student presentations to a wider audience. 

Note - You can now disable downloading, printing, and copying for any file stored in Google Drive!  Check out:

Here are some general instructions on the process, with a short video demonstrating these steps.

1. The first thing you need to do is either upload, or create from scratch, a presentation into Google Drive.  

If you have not worked with Google Drive before, the video below will help, but you may wish to further your learning by going to the many video tutorials on Google Drive in Atomic Learning - note... You will need your AEA Online Resources user name and password to access these videos)

2. Important Step - Once you have the presentation in Google Drive, open the presentation, click on the Share button, change the visibility from Private to Anyone With The Link (or Public on the Web).  This will allow others to view this presentation on your website.
You will also notice a URL you could send to others to view your presentation, or an embedding code for you HTML purists.

3. Click on Save and Close.  You are now ready to return to your Google Site.

4. Once back into your Google Site, select or create the page you wish to place the presentation(s).
        Click on the Edit button of the page.
        Place in cursor in the location you wish to place the presentation.
        Go to the Insert menu > Drive > select Presentation.

5. A window will appear to allow you to select from the many presentation you have in Google Drive.  If you do not see the presentation, type in some key word in the search window.  Click once on the presentation to highlight it, then click on Select at the bottom.

6. Another window will appear allowing you some basic setting, mostly to set the size of the presentation.  Don't be afraid to go small.  Once posted, user can double click on the presentation to make it full screen (use the ESC key to return to normal viewing).

7. Once posted to your web page, the presentation will NOT display until you SAVE the page. Further adjustment can be made to the presentation (in the page Edit mode) by clicking once and tools will appear (just like images). 
        Click on Properties (gear icon) to further adjust the size of your presentation. 
        Click on Remove (X icon) to delete the presentation from you page.

Here is a sample viewing of a presentation.  
Click on the four arrow icon 
to enlarge full screen, use the ESC key to return to normal viewing.

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Here is a short video that will review Inserting a Google Presentation.

YouTube Video