ePortfolio Templates

How to access three great ePortfolio templates in Google Sites 
for teachers and administrators in Iowa and GWAEA employees

Below you will find links to ePortfolio  templates that you can use.  Further down this page you will also find a video that will walk you through the process of obtaining a Google Site template.

Iowa Teacher ePortfolio 

Iowa Standards for School Leaders  (administrators)

GWAEA ePortfolio Template

Here are the steps.... (with short video to follow)

• Login to your Google account

• Go to Sites

• Click on the "Create New Site" button

• Your first task in creating a new site will be to "browse the gallery for more" to find these templates.
note... if you are in a Google Apps Domain be sure you select "public" before starting your search.

• Type in what your search for - See names of templates above.

• You can preview the template before selecting it.

• Once selected, you can continue the "Create a New Site" process.
There you go.... make it your own ;-)

Getting an ePortfolio