Do's and Dont's

As you begin, and continue, to design your website and individual web pages, consider the following Do's and Don't.
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The Do's ...   

Consult your district's Technology Director for any district policies that pertain to teacher web pages.

Invite your building principal as a "Collaborator" of your site.

Check how your site is viewed from different browsers.  It's possible that something you added my not look or act the way you wish from the perspective of a different browser. Generally, PC users commonly use Internet Explore and Firefox.  Mac users will use Safari or Firefox.  Also, Google's Chrome is also becoming popular.

Always consider your viewer... what do they want or need to see or have access to. 
Consider some of the following topics when developing your class page(s):
Course Description
Class Rules
Links to Standards
Contact Information
Links - specific, general, favorite, fun
Teacher Information
Student Work
Practice Opportunities
Parent Info
As you consider the content, ask yourself about the purpose of the page. Is it for promotion, outreach, homework, information, student sharing, or parent involvement? Who is the audience? How will resources be used? Why will they want to return?

Be aware of copyright issues.  Whether it be displaying student work, inserting images, or simply copy/pasting information - if it's not your own work, get permission or identify your source.

Somewhere on your site (preferably the home page) identify the date you late updated information. 

The Dont's...

Do not publish the name of your student(s) with corresponding pictures.

Do not display pictures of students who have requested "no release of publications".  Check with your building office for this list.

Do not display the user name and password of the AEA online resources, or any other licensed software or website.  You could have students/parents email you (or your Teacher Librarian) for this information.

Do not leave dead links on your page or site.  Periodically check the links you have made to ensure they are still working, or the site they were linked to is still there.

Do not make your viewer "scroll" forever to get the information they are looking for.  Either create an additional page or create links within the page (anchors) that will move the viewer easily around your page.

Don't just create a page or site and walk away.  Periodically, update your site with new information, images, student work, etc.  "Build it and they will come" attitude does not get many returning viewers.