Adding a Countdown

Adding a "Countdown" element to your Google Site.

Click on the More button in the top right of your site.

Note - If you do not see the More button, that means you are not logged into your Google account.  Scroll to the bottom of the site and click on sign in.

Select Edit Site Layout

You will now see editing options at the top of your screen:

Your navigation bar on your site will now appear as below.  Click on the "+" to add additional elements to your Sidebar. 

You will now be able to select from a variety of elements to add to your Sidebar.

Scroll until you find the Countdown element > then click on Add.

Once added to your Sidebar, click on the Countdown element to edit.

Here you will be able to type any description of the event you with (title, location, time, etc.),  and select the date of the event. 
            (Note... I would suggest selecting the day after the event so the countdown is more accurate.  Play with this and you will see what I mean).

Once done, Click on the Close button (top right) to exit the Edit Site Layout mode.

Here is a short video that will review Adding a Countdown process.

YouTube Video