Add a Twitter Feed

Want to add a Twitter feed to your web page?  Well, it's going to get a little geeky here, but the end result is well worth it.  I learned a lot on the way ;)

Here's how...

Found a nice tutorial on how to Embed a Twitter Feed on your Google Site.  So, rather than re-type all this information, I will just link you ;)

Special thanks to Johan Paul for doing this!  Be sure to read the entire post and trouble-shooting section to make this work ;)

However, I have discovered a couple of things about his process that might find helpful:

1. These instructions are directed at the PC audience, thus the reference to NotePad to create your .xml file.  For all you Mac
users, there is a free editor that worked great for me called TextWrangler.

2. Johan's instructions work great for "personal" Google Accounts.  However, if you have a school Google Apps Education domain there is an added step that must be taken.

In short, the .xml file you create must first be uploaded to a "private" Google account site, copy the link location, then return to your "school" Google account site and use that URL to insert your feed.

(Another good reason to have both a personal (private) and school account ;)

I have created a video that will review this process if you get into trouble

Using Johan' method, you will be inserting a Twitter Feed by using a URL.  Here are a few screen shots to look for..

Insert a Twitter Feed by URL

*Before starting this process be sure to have the .xml file you created uploaded to the "attachments" area of "manage site", and copied the link location.

  • Edit your page and place the cursor where you want the feed to go.
  • Go to the Insert menu 
  • Select More Gadgets
  • Select "Add gadget by URL" 
  • Paste the .xml file's location (URL) that you uploaded.  

Be sure to remove the last part of the address that reads:

Now, you will get the chance to "configure" your display.

Ok... That's it!  You should get a display like the following.

Tony's Twitter Timeline

Here's a short video that will review how to add a Twitter feed to a personal & GAFE (school domain) Google Site...

YouTube Video