This Google site is intended to provide assistance for staff and students who are interested in using Classic Google Sites for professional or classroom use.

The Tabs above will provide some instruction and short videos to help you on your digital journey.

For more information on the NEW Google Sites design and capabilities, check our Eric Curts' website for videos at...


Since Google had removed their audio player gadget a while back, I've been on the lookout for an alternative.  
Dale Basler has created an HTML5 gadget that seems to work just fine.  Click HERE to learn more.
Below is a sample I created using royalty free music from Soundzabound.  Click the play button to listen.

Have some fun creating a banner slider - (Fun Features > Add a Banner Slider)
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Embed Instagram photos on a Google Site
check out this video

Insert a Public Commenting space on any Google Site page using Disqus!  I also has great moderator tools and setting so a teacher can "approve" postings if they wish.  Check out the step-by-step under the Fun Features tab above.


Inserting a "linkable" image on your site using Google's Draw tool.  Wow!  Is this easy ;)  Check out the video below.

YouTube Video

Here are some great tips from Molly Schroeder -
APPS  EDU Certified Trainer

Top 10 Sites from Edu Training Center

Atomic Learning now has video tutorials on Creating Google Sites.  Check with your Building/District Teacher-Librarian for your user name and password to access this free tool.

Here's a simply web counter (with access to public stats, or not) created at http://statcounter.com.  More about counters at Web Page/Site Counters.

counter for vBulletin

Disclaimer... Although the video below demo's from the business perspective, think schools as you are watching ;)

Google Site Overview

Here are some great ideas to customize your Google Site from my friend and colleague Jonathan Wylie.  Click HERE, or on the image below.

Ever wonder what "Monetize" is all about?  Turning this
feature (AdSense) on will place advertising links somewhat targeting the audience and location of your viewers.

Well, it looks like Google is pulling the plug on monetizing future sites.  Not sure why, or what the future will bring.  More at: 

Eric Curts (www.ericcurt.com) has also put together a Google Sites For Schools that contains a number of tutorials and great tips for schools, teachers, and students using Google Sites.


More Google Sites Help and Tutorials...  Phil Ridoout's Google Sites Help