Squaw Alpine 
 Snowboard Team
Park, Big Mtn, and Mighty Riders
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This Program is a merged program with the Squaw Valley Snowboard Team. Expect to meet and train at both resorts.

Spring Camp

Snowboard Spring Camps!!!

Camp 1: May 12th to 14th
Camp 2: May 19th to 21st

Open to all snowboarders ages 9 to 18 for park and big mtn!

Current coaches:
Wes Pyatt, Adam Ryan, Dan Rich, JTB, Kara Rogne, Ryan Swenson

Contacts and Coaches

Wesley A Pyatt - Park,Big Mtn,and Mighty Riders
Head Coach Snowboard Team
Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows
Adam Ryan
Dan Rich
Steve Rubinstein
Ryan Swenson- Mighty Rider Lead
DJ Rufo
Jennifer Jones


Alpine Ski Team Office (530) 581-8249 
Rita Von Welczeck  mvonwelczeck@squaw.com
Snowboard Team Text alerts
Text @svamsb to 81010

Big Mtn Events

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2017 TJFS Schedule 

Stop 1 TJFS: Sugar Bowl January 6-8         
Registration opens 12-21-2016 @ 6pm
Stop 2 TJFS: Alpine Meadows January 27-29     
Registration opens 01-03-2017
Stop 3 TJFS: Squaw Valley February 24-26       
Registration opens 01-31-2017
Stop 4 TJFS: Mt Rose March 24-26             
Registration opens 02-28-2017

2017 IFSA National series

Snowbird, UT Jan 13th to 16th
Reg opens 12-16-2016 @6pm
Alpine Meadows, CA Feb 9th to 12th
Reg opens 12-17-2016 @ 7pm
Crystal, WA Mar 3rd to 5th
Reg opens 12-17-2016 @ 8pm
Kirkwood, CA Mar 9th to 12th
Reg opens 12-18-2016 @ 8pm

Kirkwood, CA  Apr 5th to 9th

FJWC- Freeride Junior World Championships
Andorra Feb 5th to 8th

*Do not book travel dates until speaking with Wes Pyatt, We will                                     pick one National travel as a team.*

Daily Schedule


Daily Schedule:
8:45am: meet your coach outside by the Lodge Stairs

9am: Teams hit the slopes promptly @9am (Late arrivals will either communicate with their coach as to where to meet, wait
at the bottom of the designated chair for their team.
11:00am – 12:00pm: Lunch in the Mezzanine above the cafeteria.
2:30pm: Teams return to the meeting area, pick-up athletes and report to parents.
We prefer to hand children over to the
parent(s), but if circumstances dictate someone else pick them up this must be communicated and arranged with their
coach ahead of time.

Park, Rail Jams, Pipe Events

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North Tahoe Series- View North Tahoe Events Here
*register online for north tahoe series*

South Tahoe Series- View South Tahoe Series Here
North Tahoe Series
Woodward Rail Jam , Boreal 
Sugar Bowl Rail Jam , Sugar Bowl
Woodward Slope Style 1, Boreal Mtn 
Woodward Slope Style 2 , Boreal mtn
Northstar Rail Jam 3, Northstar
Northstar Slope Style, Northstar
Northstar Half Pipe, Northstar
Nothstar Slope Style 3, Boreal Mtn
Sierra Half Pipe, Sierra at Tahoe
Northstar Half Pipe, NorthStar

Copper Mtn, CO

Big Mtn Judging

Big Mountain Events are based on the following
  • Line: difficulty/creativity of line
  • Technique: quality of linked turns, not any particular “style, but how the turns work with the terrain
  • Control: loss of control will result in reduction of points
  • Fluidity: how well the rider moves consistently, with no pauses, down the hill
  • Overall Impression