Mountain Rangers

Mountain Rangers is our half-day program for our youngest skiers that fosters a safe, fun, and open learning environment where young skiers can become acquainted and comfortable with the art of skiing.

Calendar/Team Info

Team News

  • Text alerts – for morning-of updates on training delays or cancellations.   Updates will be posted by 7am or earlier.


  • TEAM MEMBERS:  Please sign-up for individual team text alerts by sending the keyword below to (703) 687-1858.
  • @ammtnrang  – Mountain Rangers Team Members

Mountain Ranger Contacts:

Head Coach: Kirsten Pekarek                                                              Email:
Coaches: Teresa Anderson, Laura Homen & Beth Villa-Beckwith

Alpine Ski Team Office: (530) 581-8249

Alpine Ski Team Manager:

Alpine Ski Team Administrator:
Brittany Smalley

Mountain Ranger

Tips for Pre-Season Success 

  • Get your gear!  Boots should not be too big.  Skis should measure to your chin.
  • Label your gear!  This includes boots, skis, gloves, helmets, jackets . . . EVERYTHING!
  • Move in your boots!  Walk around!  Practice putting on and taking off your skis.
  • If you can, ski!  Ski!  Ski!  Even walking around on your carpet with skis is great practice.
  • Talk about chairlift safety.  Remember, "Sit back, hold on, look forward, and don't mess around!"


Tips for First-Day Success

  • Get a good night's rest.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast.
  • Dress warmly and in layers.  Outerwear must be waterproof.
  • Bring a healthy pocket snack--no candy or money.
  • Be sure to have your activated ski pass in your pocket, helmet, or on a lanyard.
  •   Make time to visit the restroom right before we meet for ski team.
  •  Arrive early and wear your smile for a GREAT day!


Please feel free to contact me with any of your equipment or team questions or concerns.  I'm here to make this a fun and successful ski team experience for you and your athletes.  Our team is ready to go and very excited to meet our new Mountain Rangers!    ~Coach Kirsten