"Bitten by Rare Beauties"  

 International Symposium on 

Advanced Marine Animals & Snake Envenomation Management 


2 - 4 September, 2014


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Welcome to AMSEM 2014

AMSEM was synthesized following the demand and the pressing need for a more comprehensive session and platform, to share and discuss issues of envenomation from marine animals and snakes in Malaysia & SEA. AMSEM discusses issues relevant for healthcare providers in the primary care and in settings with more advanced facilities. This symposium will benefit master's students, senior medical officers, senior paramedics, specialists/consultants, medical lecturers, pharmacists, poison center officers, related scientists, veterinarians and interested individuals.

This symposium offers interactive talks, forum and practical sessions by prominent local and international faculty members who are experts in their field. AMSEM aspires to bring closer biologist, taxonomist, toxinologist, pharmacologist, pharmacist and clinicians. AMSEM encourages sharing of information and experience. The number of participants is limited to ensure sufficient opportunities for interaction with all faculty members. It is hoped that this meeting of experts and symposium will form a viable platform for advancement of Clinical Toxinology in SEA. 

  This unique event is organised by the Malaysian Society on Toxinology (MST) 


AMSEM 2014 will cover the following general areas of Clinical Toxinology: 

  • Identification of various marine animals & snakes of medical importance in Malaysia & SEA.
  • Prehospital, emergency and definitive treatment strategy for envenomation by marine animals & snakes.
  • Networking and sharing of information for optimal treatment of envenomed patients.
  •  Issues pertaining to envenomation as a neglected tropical disease.