About the Practice

We are a group of licensed and/or licensed-eligible psychologists and mental health clinicians with collectively over 50 years of experience delivering services to children and adults.  We specialize in the treatment of high-profile behaviors; psychological difficulties; and challenging mental health issues to include sexually inappropriate behaviors, psychosexual dysfunction; conduct disordered behaviors; sex offending behaviors, fire-setting behaviors; and arson in both youth and adults. 

We offer expert assessment specific to diagnostic impression; treatment and placement recommendation; and presenting risk.  We offer an array of psychotherapeutic services and have provided expert testimony or report to New Jersey Courts and New Jersey Department of Children and Families (CMOs, YCMs, DYFS).  As an Intensive In-Community (IIC) approved provider, we offer an array of both office-based and in-home psychological services.  Our clinical staff is supervised by the Executive Director who is a NJ and PA Licensed Psychologist with over 25 years of experience providing psychological services in community and institutional settings. 


Populations Served:

  • Children and adolescents (ages 8-18)

  • Adults

  • Developmentally disabled and delayed populations


  • Psychological evaluations

  • Sex offense recidivism assessment
  • Fire setting and arson evaluation

  • Psychosexual evaluation

  • Threat assessment and school violence risk

Psychotherapy (Perform Care IIC Provider 0117838):

  • Group (IIC and Outpatient - Medicaid Assignment)

  • Individual (IIC or Outpatient- Medicaid Assignment)

  • Group - FFS

  • Individual - FFS

Qualified Provider - Department of Children and Families for DCF-involved Children, Youth, and Families
  • Forensic Evaluation - Court Ordered (children who have been exposed to childhood sexual abuse, physical abuse and neglect, trauma, and domestic violence)

  • Forensic Evaluation - Non-court ordered (children who have been exposed to childhood sexual abuse, physical abuse and neglect, trauma, and domestic violence) 

Specialty Evaluations and Treatment
Children and adults with Developmental Disabilities/Delays (DD)
DDD-SP/CCW Behavioral Management (Provider # 0492248)
  • Psychosexual/Risk Assessments for DD Adults and Children

  • Fire Setting Risk Assessments for DD Adults and Children

  • Sex Offender (SO) Specific Treatment (DDD-SP/CCW Medicaid Rate)

  • SO Specific Group Treatment (DDD-SP/CW Medicate Rate)

  • SO Specific Individual Treatment (DDD-SP/CW Medicate Rate)

  • Behavioral Modification(DDD-SP/CW Medicate Rate)

  • Group Treatment (DDD-SP/CW Medicate Rate)

  • Individual Treatment (DDD-SP/CW Medicate Rate)

  • Family Therapy and Oversight (DDD-SP/CW Medicate Rate)

Please contact our office regarding locations (in community or office)