Becoming a member of AMSAT-VK

AMSAT-VK is a group of Australian Amateur Radio Operators who also share the same common interest in building, launching and communicating with each other through non-commercial Amateur Radio satellites. Some of our members also have an interest in space based communications, including communicating and monitoring the International Space Station, weather (WX) satellites, and other spacecraft.

We welcome all who are interested in discussing and exploring this fascinating branch of amateur radio.

You may become a member of AMSAT-VK simply by signing up to the IO group. - The AMSAT-VK Group. There are no ongoing membership fees or costs to be a member of AMSAT-VK.

When requesting membership, please include your name, callsign (if you have one), your location (QTH), and your reason for joining. A welcome message will appear on the AMSAT-VK message list after your membership has been processed, and you are encouraged to introduce yourself and your interests by replying to this message.

Our aim is to keep AMSAT-VK open to all, to be inclusive, to be friendly, helpful and to be an enjoyable experience for our members.

There are only a few ground rules which apply to the AMSAT-VK Group.
Basic Rules. 
  1. All messages posted must comply with IO Groups rules.
  2. No SPAM of any kind is permitted, including repeatedly promoting any website - including those URL’s which some people append to their "email signatures", with the exception of the URL's of Amsat-VK, other Amsat organisations and the Wireless Institute of Australia.
  3. No commercial advertising or promotions are permitted. However, members are free to recommend products and services when answering the questions of others.
  4. Messages should always be courteous and you should reframe from ‘flaming’ others.
  5. Messages should relate to our shared interests in amateur radio, space communications and related fields.

The AMSAT-VK Group reserves the right to remove any member who is not willing to comply with our basic rules. These rules may be updated, with notice, as necessary.
By becoming a member of the AMSAT-VK Group, you will gain full editing rights on our IO group forum. We request that, in addition to our basic rules, members respect the messages, files, photos and data which others have contributed to the AMSAT-VK Group. When editing any element of the group site, please take care not to delete any data which you have not contributed.  The group owners or moderators may tidy-up the site and remove duplicate files or photos from time-to-time.

Should you feel that any element of the group site is in error, offensive, or requires modification for any other reason, you should contact a group moderator. Once again, you should only edit materials you have added yourself.
Membership of AMSAT-VK and the AMSAT-VK IO Group does not convey any further rights.
AMSAT-VK, the AMSAT-VK IO Group and the website are operated as a not-for-profit service, in the spirit of amateur radio. Any income derived from advertising is used to cover the costs of running the group websites and administration.

To become a member of AMSAT-VK follow the link below.

Take me to the AMSAT-VK Group website

If you need assistance, please  email