AMSAT-VK National Satellite Net

Australian National Satellite Net

The net commences at 8.30pm Australian Eastern Time / 9.30z or 10.30z (depending on daylight savings), and is held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Login normally begins at 8.25pm. Some of the information set out below may be out-of-date.

You may join the net via RF on...

In New South Wales

VK2RBM - Blue Mountains - Manual link-in at this time.

In Victoria

VK3RTL Laverton, Melbourne, 438.600MHz FM, -5 MHz offset + 91.5Hz Tone
(temporarily unavailable)

In South Australia

VK5TRM Loxton 147.175MHz FM
VK5RSC Mt Terrible 439.825MHz FM IRLP 6278

In Northern Territory 

VK8MA Katherine 146.700MHz FM

In Tasmania

VK7RTV 6M. Repeater Gawler   53.775 MHz   IRLP 6124
VK7RTV 2M. Repeater Gawler 146.775 MHz.  IRLP 6616

In Queensland

VK4RRC       Redcliffe Repeater  146.925  -ve offset IRLP node 6404 Echolink  44666

In addition to RF

Operators may join the net via Echolink by connecting to either the *VK3JED* or *Amsat* conferences. The net is also available via IRLP reflector number 9558.

AMSAT-VK is also keen to have the net carried by other Echolink or IRLP enabled repeaters and links in order to improve RF coverage. If you are interested in carrying our net on your system, please contact us via email at